TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Couple’s closet confessions: I hate my mate’s clothes

Style expert Jacqui Stafford gives advice to three spouses whose partners don’t approve of some of their fashion choices, such as tie-dyed parachute pants, a Woodstock ’99 T-shirt, and and a sea-foam suede jacket.

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>> it's the bratle that can never be won, your partner's item of clothing you want to see gone.

>> we snooped into closets and jackie stafford took those spouses shopping to help find them a new look that everyone can live with. good morning. jackie .

>> good morning.

>> you were able to work with these couples. let's start off with sarah and eddie 's story. i understand eddie you are about to celebrate six years of marriage. an offending pair of pants keep getting in the way.

>> yes.

>> let's look at your story.

>> you don't have to be a musician or a singer to know someone is singing off key. likewise, you don't need to be a fashion guru to know if something hurts your soul when you look at it like these that my wife wears on purpose in public in front of other humans.

>> police your soul, eddie , wow, that's harsh. it's like she has been flauntering zombie spurfings. okay. let's see the big change here.

>> let's bring sarah out. come on out, sarah . clearly, she likes comfort, jackie .

>> oh, you like these? what do you think eddie ?

>> she still is as beautiful as she was before, just without the pants.

>> she could wear a paper bag.

>> exactly.

>> so jackie , tell me the style makeover, i was saying she clearly likes something comfortable to wear.

>> it's a departure away from the harem pants . they are in fashion this season. what we did is take away some of the color . it was a volume voluminous color . she can still teach the zumba class. she looks quite less offensive, i think we can agree.

>> and i wanted to keep the same color pallette. that's what she likes.

>> i love them.

>> check out the shoes.

>> excellent.

>> are you going to get rid of the harem pants ?

>> pa ja mas, yes.

>> would that be a good compromise?

>> yes.

>> down to you, you and ben , you got four kids under the age of 4. with all these kids, obviously, ben does not have time to shop for a new tee-shirt?

>> that's my job. he insists on wearing this one.

>> it's kind of vintage.

>> no, vintage is not seeing your armpits.

>> let's take a look.

>> this is my husband's beloved woodstock tee-shirtment i'm for vintage tee shirts. it's 14-years-old, it says on here, 'nierngs it's not the most highgenic update. not only that, it has a nice rip so you can see his armpit when he wears the shirt. i tried to get rid of this through three moves. it has still stayed in his closet.

>> come on out.

>> let's see what you look leak now.

>> hey, now. all right.

>> what do you say?

>> let me check the armpits.

>> no rips.

>> jackie , what were you going for? something comfortable?

>> i want to see the same tee-shirt feel, so something comfortable. we love the stripes. we got it at macy's. we wanted to show that he can look casual but it's still the comfy tee-shirt fabric. he's in the tech industry. he can wear it to work. so while we love the ease of a tee-shirt, we want a little more polished and a little more put together.

>> ben , can you give that up, the woodstock shirt?

>> it's a sale.

>> this is a classic. you can't get this anymore.

>> you have been shadow boxing .

>> there you go.

>> all right.

>> the man cave some. where you can hide it. okay. all right, thanks, guys. next we have mellissa and paul married for six years, mellissa, apparently that jacket, which i think is pretty cool from here, you say it's something you are not proud of in paul 's closet?

>> no, this color offends me, the loiner looks like cookie monster .

>> all right. let's take a look at your closet confession.

>> treasure. my husband found it on ebay t. liner looks like it was made of cookie monster . he wears it. he thinks it is so awesome. but i cannot be seen with him in this thing. please help me.

>> oh, man. all right. let's bring out paul . see what we replaced that jacket with.

>> all right.

>> a man vest.

>> the man vest.

>> yeah.

>> we found it at burlington. what i wanted to talk about this look was that it still looks polished. he can still look pulled together. we know he loves the color of groevenlt we found it at land's end. you can iron it nice and easy as well. it's the green color . he has the green feel. rather the fluffiness of the texture. he still has the color , which he loves.

>> he's got the jones as well. a nice straight leg jean as well as a slimmer cut jeerngs it's more flattering. so we love the whole look. i think we can say good bye to that jacket.

>> can you say good-bye to that jacket?

>> i don't know about that. the jacket is pretty cool, so.

>> i find the loin liner on the inside, cut that