TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Tips for caring your for lawn in the fall

Landscaping expert Ahmed Hassan shows TODAY’s Willie Geist and Al Roker techniques for cleaning up your lawn before winter comes, including the best way to clear leaves and the optimal times for fertilizing the yard.

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>> well the weather is starting to get colder, your lawn isn't growing quite as much, you are ready to let it sit there until spring.

>> not so fast. now is actually the best time to make sure your yard is plush and grown come next spring. our good buddy expert is here with lawn care items. good to see you. depending on where you live in the country, that's going to depend on what you will do.

>> the thing is, right now is not the time to stop everything. oh, it's winter, it's fall. so what we want to be doing is i tell people, think about ful fall like this, the animals are going foraging, they're storeing up, our landscapes are doing the same thing. you want to remove the leaves all november long, get them off of there. you want to keep mowing the lawn. you can raise up your setting. you want to be cutting the split ends.

>> why do you want to do that?

>> you want to cut it, it will continue to have the roots stimulate and grow. if the plants don't grow, you cover them up with leave, you stop mowing it. the plants get smothered, they're not taking in the energy to store up, get through winter, come springtime, everything will look great.

>> are you okay if you don't like raking, mowing the yard?

>> exactly. that's most everybody's style, who wants to rake it if you can mow it?

>> now is the time to fertilize it.

>> you have warm season or cool season grass. if it stays green, keep feeding it. if it goes dormant, you want to rake the leaves, don't fertilize it. the trick is, if it goes dormant and you fertilize it, it's supposed to go to sleep. you need it to slope now so it will have energy come spring time.

>> you have different types to use. nitrogen is one of them.

>> i didn't want to overwhelm them. if you have green grass , fertilize it. if it turns brown in the winter, don't fertilize that. people get that. aciduous.

>> a great word, i like it.

>> then we have all different type of fertilizer, i say basically get an inexpensive bag of balanced fertilizer, you can't go wrong. is it this kind, that kind? if you get a balanced fertilizer, that's pretty much for all your landscape. all that high nitrogen is great for the grass.

>> different fertilizers for the plants.

>> keep it clean, continue to mow. fertilize it if it stays grown, then once the snow starts to fall and all the tree leaves are done, then you are done.

>> can i dial back the mowing? in the summer, i'm doing it once a week. how often in fall time ?

>> you will mow it once a week, once every other week. if you are not growing it, it's not doing anything.

>> stop. keep it clean.