TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

School bans Rainbow Looms to prevent playground spats

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker discuss topics of the day, including the U.S. government reopening for business after its 16-day shoutdown and a New York City elementary school that banned Rainbow Looms lest they spur discord on the playground.

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>> the long nightmare is over.

>> is it really over?

>> you mean they got rid of congress?

>> for now.

>> for now.

>> you probably know by now approved last minute legislation late last night the ended the shutdown. president obama shut the bill at 12:30 , extended the debt limit, averting default and really what could have been a global crisis .

>> the government is funded until january 15th .

>> we have three months.

>> we will be right back here.

>> although the president said we will not be right back here.

>> fortunately, he doesn't have all the say.

>> unless you can get all those members of congress.

>> federal employees told to return today, monuments, national parks reopened today. look at this photograph, i think we have here, speaker john boehner pumping his fist as he walks past reporters.

>> hey, we did our job! unbelievable! wow, good for us.

>> here's what's bothers me, this coverage the tweets, seeing members of congress today is the back slapping the congratulations.

>> the fist pumping.

>> they are doing the bare minimum, which is to opened.

>> you don't need the fist pump .

>> there are some voices of reason talking about the long-term damage, not to political parties , that's their problem. the americans, working americans. this is senator john mccain of arizona, a republican talking to broken on "nightly news."

>> we have damaged our credible very badly and all of us, the president's numbers have gone down the democrats numbers have gone down, republicans numbers have gone down only greater. it has eroded the confidence, you just showed on the part of the american people .

>> you wonder what the long-term impact is, for example, election 84 next year? if this were all happening, first of all, i don't think this would happen if it were 2014 .

>> we'll see.

>> and they haven't even begun to calculate how much this is going to cost us. billions and billions of dollars.

>> i saw one calculation that put it at $18 billion just over 16 days . that was one year's budget of nassa, $18 billion. we had john mccain on " morning joe " again this morning. he said something funny. he was asked about the impact of the shutdown on congress. he says, i got a call from my mother, 101-years-old, we have starting to lose blood relatives.

>> when you think of just, you are talking about political i political impact or impact of billions of dollars. think of the person out of the job for three weeks. we have friends, government employees who haven't worked three weeks now thinking of possibly having to move, because they can't afford to live where they live.

>> so as you said, the president was asked last night after that late press conference, are we going to be back here? we are, january 13th . here's the exchange with the reporter.

>> do you think this will happen all over again in a few months?

>> no.

>> i hope you are right.

>> no. no. we shall see. for now it's over, let's enjoy it for a few days.

>> all right.

>> this is an interesting story that we flagged earlier, melissa mccarthy , one of our favorites, one of the funniest people, cover girl on "elle" november issue. there has been some criticism.

>> see if you see the cover? i think she looks phenomenal, gorgeous, sexy.

>> some poem think they have an oversized coat. why not, if you are going to put a plus size woman on the cover, which is grit for them i applaud them. a lot of people are saying, why not show more skin? she is a beautiful woman, comfortable in her own skin, why not show her in her skin?

>> she is wearing the coat, right next to it, says, finding the perfect coat. it's the coat issue.

>> it's a winter issue. clearly, that's what they will be talking about the article is about. a lot of people on twitter, of course, people have kind of said exactly what i said, mellissa mccarthy, cover her up in the largest coat possible. this is by roundraglandroad. a couple other people saying the only visible flesh, a tiny triangle and the briefest glimpse of calf.

>> there is also the question, maybe mellissa mccarthy didn't want to be in a skin scoop, maybe she didn't want to be in a bikini.

>> people will find trouble or fault no matter what you do.

>> i think she looks great the oversize coat is sort of a fashion statement of the moment. i understand where there could be some criticism there. they're saying, hey, she's a gorgeous woman. she is comfortable as she is. if you will put her on the front cover , put her in her full glory.

>> like jennifer aniston .

>> that was gqa. different audience, it's for you guys who like that kind of stuff.

>> oh what are you talking about?

>> i read the stories. you guys, you like that.

>> who says i don't love an oversized coat? i do.

>> willie's got a couple he uses on the west side .

>> i have a lot of oversized coats. nada.

>> that's what i thought.

>> i have been arrested a few times. anyhow. let.

>> let us hear what you think about the cover, hashtag orange room . we will share the comments at the end of the show .

>> orange room , get ready.

>> get ready.

>> assemble. the fire is starting right now.

>> did you guys hear about rainbow loomgate?

>> these things? these harmless little things ? how many of these do you have?

>> more than i care to admit. these are actually from maya, our producer's daughter here.

>> she made me one here.

>> there is an elementary school on the upper west side that has banned the rainbow bracelets.

>> oh, no.

>> here's why. because they claim it's becoming too much of a distraction on the playground, girls, perhaps, starting some cat fights.

>> all right. rumble in the bathroom.

>> we just have to pause as the father of an upper west side 1st grade girl the idea that 1st grade girls are brahming on the playground over rainbow bracelets are hilarious, like it's a yard.

>> take out-shiv.

>> they're very competitive. the boys are competitive over who does the rain balloon better.

>> last 84 it was silly band , bony baby, you go and every year some schools, oh, we got to been it. it's trouble.

>> they're starting some like black markets.

>> yes.

>> i'll trade you yours.

>> look at this.

>> i'll trade you your starburst for me three bands.

>> my daughter lucy came home with a pack of smokes the other day, chesterfields.

>> another dark --

>> the rainbow loom takes down america.

>> what are you talking about? zblits solved on the upper west side . i'm telling you. telling u. all right, here's a good question, how old is too old to trick or right? let's set a number. there is an article we ask on didoed

>> 15.

>> 15?

>> i would say younger, there are kids that show up. i give them candy, if they dress up, the they don't dress up, i'm like, too lazy to dress up?

>> flannel shirt and jeans, hit the road.

>> there are kids.

>> i tell this one kid, hit the bricks, move on.

>> wearing the hoody the jones.

>> at least draw a mustache, something.

>> effort.

>> you are not getting this fun size 26 for just showing up. what do they think they are, just show up?

>> i think through high school as long as you dress up, you are creative, you are not causing trouble.

>> i think 37, maybe.

>> you do see grown ups without the kids, wait a minute, where is the kid to go with the grownup.

>> on we put up what age is too old to trick or street? 10 to 12, 13 to 15 or 15 plus?

>> we will have the results.

>> you don't want the adult showing up without the kids.

>> did you creatures have a party you couldn't go to?

>> then you wonder, what are they doing around all those kids?

>> go to the dark side .