TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

A Jew and an Arab team up for unlikely cookbook

The cookbook “Jerusalem” has been getting attention in the foodie world because its two authors, a Jew and an Arab both born in Jerusalem, have cooked up creative concoctions that reflect their respective traditions. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> 8:52. a couple guys lighting up the food world right now. nbc's michelle ka zin ski explains the buzz has as much to do with where they are from as their flavorful recipes.

>> i think it's too sweet. yeah.

>> what do you mean?

>> i don't think sweetness.

>> reporter: everyone expects them to argue because their extraordinary story starts like this a jew and an arab opens a restaurant in london . they both grew up in jerusalem. their block buster cookbook is packled with sunny dishes of their city and dish,tant leading mixes, flavors.

>> olive oil and orange on top.

>> wow.

>> fresh cherries.

>> wow that, is so weird and interesting.

>> sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. with enthey work, it's just amazing.

>> reporter: but they came from opposite battling parts of that ancient city . both foodies, they never met until each decided to move to london and escape the violence the same year. they ended up working in the same restaurants. now ten years into their unlikely partnership, they built restaurants, books, though none resonated like jerusalem. sparking cook club, countless dinner parties.

>> we probably wouldn't be doling it in israeli. being friends.

>> really, you just wouldn't?

>> here, we are like two individuals. we don't stand for something beyond ourselves. i'm not anise real jew and he's a palestinian arab . we are who we are.

>> reporter: sharing adventure.

>> we have like something that we discuss over call flower is like crazy.

>> you went crazy for a year.

>> reporter: among the more interesting concore carmel and prunes, coffee and pop rocks . it's like nothing i had before.

>> pomegran at and sichuan martinis. they import palestinian produce just to help the people there.

>> many people say are you an exam of how things could work out in the middle east ? we have that posterby for peace. because we point to how similar the food of the joous are and arabs r. how similar they are.

>> all they need to do is sit down and eat together.

>> reporter: foodie diplomacy, viewed with a passion for their past that has become their future. for "today," michelle kazinski, nbc news, london .

>> i have been to their restaurant. they have a bit of an empire going. fan taft ec.

>> i love the ingredients, right up my alley, i think it would be great.

>> we know.

>> exactly. by the way, these two are going to be here to do some cooking with kathie lee and hoda in just a little bit. so that should be fun.

>> nice.

>> much more ahead at 9:00 with these guys and willie and hoda and kathie lee at 10:00 . we'll see you in a little while. we