TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Look back at hot trends from past decade

Style expert Stacy London shows TODAY’s Natalie Morales what the past decade of fashion trends looks like by digging deep into her closets for boot-cut jeans, platform shoes and backpacks. She also explains what kind of clothing is timeless.

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>> for the last decade, stacy london has been creating stylish america, one makeover at a time, on the tlc show of "what not to we're" the series is tomorrow night. stacy is with us this morning on putting your trendiest step forward. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> ten successful tips of what not to wear?

>> dog years.

>> are you sad to see it go?

>> i think everything has its time a. whole decade on television was a great run. i think the show broke sort of the ceiling on letting people see what goes on in terms of sometime, how to make it theirs instead of something unaccessible.

>> you had a real emotional impact on women as well? my girlfriend, we watch that show, we talk about what stacy london said.

>> i like to think of the show as a trojan horse . you thought you were getting a makeover show about nice clothes or a jacket or whatever. it has and i emotional impact. there are few shows entertaining and emotional and a little therapy in there, too.

>> we got a lot done.

>> exactly. let's talk about trends then and now. some have stayed. some should go forever.

>> some stay, some go, some come back.

>> an example. a perfect example.

>> one of the most important examples is the difference in a decade. this used to be the style that everybody wore. do you remember this? the boot type jean? everybody wore this. now regardless of body type , most people go for the straight or the skinny.

>> yeah.

>> it's funny, we used to say, wear the bought cut in 2003 . right.

>> not everybody can wear a skinny?

>> anybody can wear a skinny as long as you take body shape into account and balance it correctly.

>> we are looking at the 2003 version, jennifer lopez wearing the skinny as well, showing us we all can wear them, platform shoes in 2003 . huge.

>> we were always saying, don't do this. it's like britney spears in that big chunky boot. we saw a lot of this in 2003 . this was out in 2003 . people were wearing it, we were saying do a pointy toe.

>> kelly clarkson on the red carpet platform i believe.

>> then this shoe came in. everybody was wearing this in the mid- 2000 . now we see a return back to the single stiletto platform, it wins in the end.

>> very elegant.

>> we saw eva longoria looking gorgeous.

>> backpacks, so 2003 . they're back.

>> yeah, we used to throw away a backpack. you are a grown woman, don't wear a kid's backpack, then you would see them get lid of it, get a nice little purse, handbag, whatever.

>> we saw great backpacks.

>> that's right. channel did backpacks for the spring season, kind of amazing.

>> these are things that shuld stay forever in your closet starting with leopard.

>> you need a touch. it may go in or out. it may be more or less classic. treat it as a solid neutral. we have a scarf over there. skin leopard.

>> always style iran. jewel tones.

>> you are wearing sort of a purpose him, right?

>> am this, a ruby, i'm wearing emerald.

>> we got the whom rainbow right here. these will be flattering on any skin tone .

>> a-lean skirt, that is correct.

>> because even if you are teeny like natalie, you get a curve on the hips. it hides my hips, gives me a small hips.

>> stacy london , congratulation again. let everybody to know you can catch the series finale tomorrow