TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: TODAY’s teen crushes

Which anchor loved the Fresh Prince? And who hung posters of John Taylor on her bedroom wall? Watch the anchors blush and giggle as they admit their teenage celebrity crushes.

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>> okay. so a lot of hearts were fluttering earlier this week when robert red ford stopped by our studio, i won't mention names, natalie, savannah. but some folks here couldn't quite control their excitement. so with that in mind, throwback thursday, we are taking a look back at our favorite teen crushes.

>> yes, these are people whose posters were plastered on our walls.

>> i will start off on my crush. it was will smith , not will smith now, fresh prince will smith . he wore the hat on backwards. i went to a party wuvenlts he was there, i fainted. he didn't notice me, though.

>> he will notice you now.

>> so, natalie, your crush was?

>> rob lowe .

>> why was he so hot?

>> the fire the whole thing. he was cool, hot.

>> in that tee-shirt, especially.

>> still he's hot. .

>> he's ageless.

>> savannah, have you john taylor from duran duran .

>> he was on the show. wow, you are so great. have you always been this cute?

>> exactly.

>> security around here.

>> i actually once in my hometown he was at a hotel eating out by the pool. then he left. then he left like a straw and his plastic fork.

>> you took it?

>> i treasured it.

>> you still have it?

>> no, i wish i did. isn't that kind of creepy?

>> no.

>> do we have a hair sample , too?

>> we talk about posters.

>> posters. if you were my age group and you were a young kid, that was everywhere, farrah fawcett , all the charlie's angels, i admired her as she grew into a more mature woman, she stood for a lot of things.

>> al foxy brown ?

>> pam grier . come on. she's just as beautiful today as she was back then with