TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

From VHS to mullets, this family’s living like it’s 1986

Blair McMillan and Morgan Patey decied to put away their iPads, cell phones and big screen TVs for a year to see what it was like to live in 1986, the year both were born. That means primitive video games, VHS tapes of “Top Gun” and mullet haircuts prevail. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> meantime for those of us of a certain age, it doesn't seem that long ago. but when you think of 1986 , no hundred u one had a cell phone , much less a tablet computer and books were read on paper. one family have gone back to the future. kevin , good morning to you.

>> reporter: so who are you expecting? michael j. fox in "back to the future?" no, it's just me tibbs in my mull et to take you back to introduce you to a young canadian family that's moved back to the ''80s and loving it. [ music playing ] so what's wrong with this picture? i mean, when was the last time you saw anybody with a mull et?

>> we're kind of in our own little bubble living in '86 [ music playing ]

>> glen mcmillan and morgan, both 27, packed up their flat screens, ipads and heaven forbid cell phones to go back if time.

>> the only thing he told me is you are getting ready of your ipad. i thought he was nuts.

>> reporter: but blair wasn't joking.

>> how is it going? time to lighten your load.

>> i feel naked.

>> i had to check my phone at the door to be welcomed into their home outside toronto. time traveling in reverse, to 1986 . the 84 they were born. back to when you could get lionel richie on cassette. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: but for heaven's sake why?

>> i wanted tre to come outside and play and it was a gorgeous day. he said, no, daddy, i want to play on the ipad.

>> reporter: they decided to sacrifice technology for real old fashioned quality time with the family for a year. even if it means no answering machine or e-mails, facebook or twitter. these folks write letters by hand.

>> do your friend think you are nuts?

>> ah, yeah.

>> maybe some.

>> no cable. so no tv. instead, they watch "top gun" on the vhs machine.

>> i feel the need, the ned for speed! oh!

>> or maybe even "back to the future."

>> watch this.

>> as for video games ?

>> what's this game called?

>> milo.

>> when was the last time anybody played nintendo like this? instead, this canadian family entertains itself by playing mini hockey on the floor.

>> we don't ignore each other. we have to sit there and talk.

>> but they do have to look at each other.

>> what's the first thing are you going to do when this project is the over?

>> shave his mull et.

>> this mull et is staying forever. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: when it's all said and done and the mull et is gone, well, this family says that it is going to reconnect to the modern world but with a lot less twitter and facebook. i don't know, guys, this thing is gettingichy.

>> kevin , did you have a mull et up in canada?

>> reporter: i got fleas. what's that?

>> did you have a mum et up in canada?

>> reporter: never.

>> why, because it looks so good. it looks super.

>> kevin , thank you. would you go without technology? could you throw the thing in the lock box ?

>> for an hour. not a year.

>> i say it's a good thing the kids are young now. without the technology.

>> the mullet?