TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Wife of soldier who saluted from hospital: He’s a hero

Taylor Hargis is the wife of Cpl. Josh Hargis, a wounded soldier who captured the hearts of millions of people when his salute from a hospital bed was posted on Facebook. She says that her husband is an amazing man and a hero, like so many others who serve our country.

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>> she's in the orange room for carson.

>> we know the internet can be here today, gone tomorrow. something is a hot viral sensation one day, the other day we're not talking about it. this photograph of the josh hargas the soldier that gave that salute around the world, it is still resonateing today, trending on a lot of websites. his wife taylor has spoken out in a new interview. here's what she has to say about her husband.

>> i was just overcome with pride. that's my husband. he's an amazing man. i think that people should know that my husband, number one, a hero and that there are still other heros in the fight and there are still heros that aren't coming home to their family members. i'm very fortunate that he's here. i'm fortunate that he's still alive and we still get to have our life together. very early in my pregnancy, so it's still very new to us. i feel good. i'm happy. josh is happy. we're looking forward to having a baby. we are thankful to everyone that shared his story. he's the kind of person that people should look up to as a he.

>> reporter: he's the kind of person a little boy should look up to.

>> we are so happy for them as you heard there, they are expecting their first child. taylor posted the picture of josh on her facebook page october 12th . we pofsted it and have gotten over 50,000 likes, that's five times as we normally get on some of the things we post on a daily basis. it's proof this is resonateing. hearing taylor and that they're expecting a new baby, this young couple. he is only 24-years-old. we will never forget him. hope flirks when he gets out of the hospital in texas, he will come on "the today" show and we will meet him in