TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Ex-press secretary: ‘No winners’ in shutdown

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says despite reaching a temporary deal, there are no winners in the government shutdown and former communications director for President Bush says that women in the government helped save the country.

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>>> nicole wal loss served for former president george w. bush . robin gibbs is a political analyst and president obama 's former white house press secretary . good morning to you both.

>> all right.

>> we have the shutdown, the billions of dollars to our economy, all the talk about obama care and the debt ceiling and americans telling members of congress they trust them less now than at any time before. both of you the same question, for you the republican side , what do republicans walk away with after all this?

>> well, i have a toddler and a wise dad on the playground once told me laughing leads to crying. i think this a place to the situation republicans find themselves in. four weeks ago when the idea of a government shutdown first came about, i think it was senator byrd said, it's the stupidest idea i've ever heard. i think a lot of establishment republicans never thought it would come to this. a two-woke government shutdown , the fact that it did sends a clear signal to all republicans to listen very carefully to what the tea party is complaining about, what they're angry about because they have no i think limits to what they're willing to do.

>> did the republicans walk away as a party with anything?

>> i think they walked away with is an understanding of how far the tea party is willing to go, there is nothing sacred. i think to the extent we learn from this, we really need to communicate with each other. seeing jerry mcguire , they're fighting, saying i thought we were starting to communicate with each other. i think that's where we are with the party.

>> what do the democrats walk away with?

>> reporter: i don't think there are any winners, i think we averted a disaster that we should have averted anyway. if anything, we've established hopefully the idea that we won't see government shutdown and ultimately the debt ceiling used as a fess leverage to get demands that can't be passed anyway or certainly couldn't even by a tained in an election.

>> all right. that's an interesting point. so last night the president stood before cameras to talk about the reopening of the government. he wasn't going to take questions. there was this little exchange at the end. listen to this.

>> thanks very much, everybody.

>> mr. president, diengt will happen all over again in a few months?

>> no.

>> he says no, ted cruz says we kicked the can down the road. take me to january 17th , we are out of money the debt creaming comes up again, what is the republican strategy going to be if at that time? the shutdown strategy was a disaster.

>> i think it was. i think we missed as a party to talk about two things to unite, the opposition of the health care law that was rolled out so disastrous that it calls for the firing of someone responsible for that and the debt ceiling. what happens this woke as we raise the debt ceiling. republicans missed the opportunity to talk about our ballooning federal dent i think if we spend the next eight weeks talking about those two policy issues that unite republicans , we could be in a different place.

>> what is the democratic strategy next time around when those two dates hit the calendar?

>> let's hope in the next eight weeks put party identification aside, build on what senators reed and mcconnell, a democrat and republican were able to do in coming together and figure out how we get to the 15th of january and the 7th of february without seeing the sequel of what we saw, which is government by crisis. let get together to figure out how to fund our government like every other business and household rationally does and avoid this we should never be in the six. if cooler heads will prevail for only eight weeks, we can do that.

>> just real quickly, five second each, robert start with you, biggest winner in this, biggest loser.

>> no winners. biggest loser was our economy, the crisis in confidence and how we are viewed in the world.

>> nicole.

>> i agree on the losers, i say the bipartisan women in the senate stand out for all stars. they deserve the credit for saving the country.

>> thank you both. really appreciate