TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Snowden’s dad: He’s happy and comfortable in Russia

After a week-long trip to Russia to visit his son Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum there in August, Lon has arrive back in the U.S. He says he does not anticipate his son’s return to the states.

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>> edward snowden's father is back in the united states this morning after a trip to russia to visit his son. he spoke to reporters at jfk airport in new york. edward snowden is wanted by the u.s. government for leaking information about american under surveillance prachls. wednesday night his father was asked what advice he gave his son.

>> to stay. to stay but that's my advice. that's not necessarily what my son will do. he is comfortable. he is happy and he is absolutely committed to what he has done.

>> he said he couldn't see his son coming home until there are some major changes in the u.s.