TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Chuck Hughes cooks up gluten-free corn bread, one-pot stew

Host of the Cooking Channel’s “Chuck’s Eat the Street,” Chuck Hughes visits the studio with an old family recipe for a delicious chicken stew. He adds his own gluten-free corn bread recipe for the perfect fall meal.

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that apron. we're about to take you into "today's" kitchen for a healthy chicken stew to warm your stomach and your soul in a sing single pot.

>> chuck hughes , host of chuck's eat the street.

>> i like that.

>> on the cooking channel, brought this recipe straight from his grandma's kitchen. i don't think we've seen you since we were with you in montreal.

>> that's true.

>> who are you?

>> i'm amazing. this chicken --

>> it's seen better day .

>> this is a one-pot wonder. this is what my grandma used to make around christmastime. it's one of those comforting, easy recipes you can do for under 20 bucks.

>> feed four people?

>> feed people for days. we start off by roasting the chicken . intensifying the flavors, getting a nice sear on there, good color. onion, carrot, celery. leeks and garlic.

>> and whole clove.

>> whole clove. nice and chunky. thyme, parsley.

>> vodka.

>> loads of vodka. voed vodka, oreos.

>> that's water, of course.

>> water. peppercorn.

>> how much of -- oh, olive oil .

>> stezero.

>> why is it sitting here?

>> just to see if you're listening.

>> i'm listening.

>> we put this in the bottom to sear the chicken first, but we're good to go.

>> how long do you cook that?

>> let it go for an hour and a half to two hours.

>> simmering or boiling it?

>> simmering. that's a really good question.

>> you want to make it fall off the bone.

>> emulsify the fat if you boil it and then you won't be able to skim it off after.

>> that's why i ask.

>> once we have that, we've taken the chicken out. we have potatoes that have been par boiled. they're lightly cooked. pasta not cooked at all. let this go. you have the chicken here, which we just pull apart. my grandma typically would serve it with these very fancy celery sticks.

>> i like it.

>> put this in water overnight and salt water and olives. really that's all it is. dress it up, put some chicken . you have to get that old-school parsley in there as well.

>> you like the old-school stuff not the flakes.

>> ladies, thank you so much.

>> that's just the broth.

>> i know.

>> it will give you an idea of --

>> say hello to our friends in montreal.

>> i will.

>>> dinner and music. country music star scotty mccreery sings for us. first this is "today" on nbc.

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