TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Healthy food choices for your next tailgate party

Pizza or a meatball sub? TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda about which tailgate snacks are healthier and just how many football fields you’d need to walk to shed those tailgate calories.

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>>> time to play madelyn's challenge.

>> getting our game on right now is nbc's health and diet editor, madelyn fernstrom. on my team we have grant pastor from buffalo, new york, and erica barbera from islip, new york, also known as the winners.

>> lisa kanarska and heidi mcfarland from princeton, new jersey.

>> we are ready, madelyn.

>> all about tailgating. question number one, look at the board. be ready to buzz in at any time. how many buffalo wings can you eat for 200 calories?

>> what is the answer?

>> say b.

>> and three buffalo wings would be right.

>> okay. have to buzz in quickly.

>> he's from buffalo. that's why he knew that. buffalo wings .

>> how many grams of fat are in one order of loaded baked potato skins with cheese? 45, 65 or 85?

>> b.

>> you would be wrong.

>> c.

>> you can steal it.

>> c.

>> 85 grams.

>> i said that. you people didn't listen to me.

>> share those if you're going to eat them. coming up next, next question, all of these foods are over 500 calories except one. is it the slice of pepperoni pizza , chili cheese dog or six-inch meatball sub?

>> we got it.

>> say it.

>> he says pizza.

>> you would be wrong. you could steal. which one has lower calories?

>> six-inch meatball sub.

>> no.

>> b.

>> no points for that. 350 calories. the others are almost twice that. next, alcohol.

>> i should know this.

>> based on health guidelines, what count as one drink for women?

>> the answer is beer. it's the beer.

>> no, a.

>> final answer.

>> a, that is correct. 12 ounces of beer.

>> i thought a fourth of a bottle of wine was one glass of wine.

>> no.

>> oh, hallelujah.

>> in health guidelines it's five glasses to a bottle.

>> madelyn, i want to point out the score. it's 3-0.

>> you have time to catch up. so how many football fields -- how many football fields would you have to walk to burn off the calories in four handfuls of potato chips ? 30, 40 or 50 football fields?

>> no.

>> my fault.

>> b.

>> no, it's c. 50 football fields. a football field is only 100 yards. so you have to walk about 3.5 miles.

>> this is another one. kathie lee , this has your name on it. only one of these hot drinks has less than 150 calories. which one?

>> apple cider , hot cocoa or irish coffee ?

>> irish coffee .

>> you would be wrong. triple or nothing.

>> hot apple cider .

>> hard apple cider is correct. you win that. 150 calories. you win that point.

>> loaded with calories.

>> yes, indeed. you got the right answer.

>> so is it over?

>> it's over. and our winner is -- it's a tie.

>> no, you guys win it. they get the prize.

>> but we also have --

>> there you go. wouldn't you rather have that anyway?