TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

KLG & Hoda have bad news for all the single ladies

The Fourth Hour ladies discuss fellow TODAY host Carson Daly’s engagement, Kim Kardashian’s recently auctioned engagement ring, and the top five worst cities in which to be single. New York rings in at No. 1, closely followed by Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore. Sorry ladies!

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>>> hello, everybody. wines day wednesday. it's october 16th . we are so happy you're here with us, today. kind of a little chilly day here in new york city , but i'm hot with hoda.

>> of course we are hot! we have a big, huge, humungous pile of oreos on our table for a reason.

>> yes. a group of students thought they seemed addictive to them. they put them to the test.

>> they did them with a bunch of rats, like they do every test, and they found out that oreos are as addictive as cocaine or morphine.

>> how did college kids come upon cocaine?

>> they didn't at orel roberts university where i went. that's for sure.

>> oreos and cocaine on rats and had an equally strong addiction. oreos come in rows, the three rows that come when you get the package. it's so simple to take one bite, then two, then three.

>> this is what i think is the funniest. they watched the rats. what the rats did -- they did this. they broke it and they ate the middle first. how crazy is that? i love that. see, this was higher before, when we started. i have no trouble putting that oreo right back.

>> you don't?

>> no, it's not -- no, no. i'm so glad. i have other things i have difficulty with. that's not one of them. i have to finish them.

>> i like to eat them in the privacy of my home. when you eat an oreo, your teeth show it. it's horrible. you have to be in private alone.

>> it's the same thing with lamb chops at mary's, too. i went home after having them -- i went with my friend, karen. i have other friends than just you, hodie.

>> i have a question. why wasn't i invited to the lunch?

>> wi didn't think you would want to go.

>> there you go.

>> we reached out to nabisco for comment. so far the e-mails and phone calls have not been returned.

>>> new hampshire elementary school has decided to ban a playground game called tag.

>> which has been played since cave mothers said get out of this cave and go run around and tag each other.

>> injuries have been caused because kids that were playing tag were tagging too hard and forcibly pushing a child on to the ground and causing swrr.

>> or else they were running so fast they didn't realize where they were running and they were running into things.

>> okay. they said that the kids are not paying attention to where they're running. we decided to ban the whole game.

>> everything has been banned now. what the heck are they supposed to do, play tiddly winks? we have a problem with childhood obesity in our country.

>> yes.

>> to begin with. they're getting rid of physical education in so many of the schools.

>> wre.

>> if a kid can't run and play tag -- here's an idea, ding, let's take the bully kids and get them off the playground and let the other kids who just want to be fun have fun and be good to one another. let's let them -- why are we going to let the minority destroy for the majority?

>> that is the truth. a kid pushing too hard is the pain in the neck kid who does everything like that.

>> nobody says anything.

>> nobody does.

>> we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.

>> we're mad as bullies. we're sick of bullies.

>> which goes to our next story, which is an interesting one. we have different -- different takes on this. workout mom.

>> there's a workout mom who has a great body. she's been working out like crazy. she has three kids and decided to post this photo of her and her children, 8 months, 3 years, 2 years and her headline is what's your excuse?

>> in fairness, such a woman who battled bulemia at one time in her life --

>> you don't know that by looking at the picture.

>> i'm a journalist. i dug deeper.

>> you're right.

>> so are you.

>> she's a former pageant queen and fitness competitor .

>> you don't like her right off the bat. tell me why, hoda woman.

>> let me tell you why. anyone who says that at the top -- the headline at the top, which i've already forgotten. what is it?

>> what's your excuse?

>> nobody likes people like this.

>> and i have a theory on that.

>> why?

>> because she's -- i'm not saying what she did is right or wrong. the reason people immediately have that response is it has a grain of truth in what she's saying. how many of us make excuses for lots of our bad behavior and then we're offended when somebody says, well, why?

>> i work out every day.

>> yes.

>> i don't like this. i'm not worried about my excuse or -- i just don't like --

>> you don't like the tone?

>> when someone says --

>> i get it. i get it.

>> come work out with me. there's a new machine. i would like to take a class with you.

>> the tone, the way she said it.

>> whatever motivates you. is this mama bully? bully is being used for everything.

>> let's save the word bully for actual bullies. and maybe she wasn't being as thoughtful as she could have been, but --

>> by the way, she got millions of hit. we don't know how many million.

>> they say 16 million. only 12,000 comments. some are complimentary. the last baby was eight months ago.

>> she looks great.

>> good for her. she does look terrific. others are angry. sometimes we have to look at why are we defensive about something?

>> yeah.

>> we should ask ourselves the question at least.

>> i think so, too.

>> be honest with our responses.

>> we don't like it when a doctor says you really need to lose 20 pounds.

>> i hate that.

>> what they're saying is something that might save your life and give you ten extra years on your life. or you've got to quit smoking or you're going to die from cancer. you don't want to hear it, because you like to smoke but it's the truth.

>> people mad at us?

>> both things are correct. they're speaking truths. you have to speak the truth in a spirit of love in order for it to be received.

>> sometimes weddings and engagements don't work out but sometimes they work out for somebody else.

>> kim kardashian has sold her engagement ring .

>> see gave it back.

>> kris has sold it. right. kris sold that rock. it's a honker. it was more than 16 carats. he sold it for $749,000.

>> it went well beyond expectations at christy's -- they thought it would go between $300,000 and $500,000. the impressive diamond ring was fought out by two bidders in the back of the room. and one online bidder. that was the one who ultimately got it. i think it was some wealthy sheik or something like that.

>> wouldn't it be weird to get someone else 's engagement ring , to have that as your engagement ring ?

>> to some people it's bragging rights about it. some people like to buy a celebrity's house and say --

>> weird stuff. even if it's a 70-something hour wedding.

>> 72 days.

>> was it days? anyhoo --

>> cosmo november issue, these are the worst cities for single women who are searching for a straight man.

>> emphasis on straight.

>> number four, baltimore. not great.

>> nope.

>> d.c. is number three. also thumbs down. number two, philly. oh, my god. and the worst city to be a single woman , looking for a straight man is new york city .

>> and all the single ladies here are going --

>> that's what i've been telling you.

>> i found my husband here in new york city . you found a very nice guy that we've known as boots and shall remain named boots for a while. lovely guy. it is possible.

>> you can. i don't think it's simple. it's a city that's so big and crowded and bustly but everybody is in little groups. it's not easy to meet people.

>> yeah, yeah. we want to find out who that teacher of the year is, somebody that's just made a huge impact in your life. please -- hoda, please get a grip on yourself, all right?

>> all right.

>> if you have a teacher teaching a class between kindergarten and 12th grade and had a major impact on you, we want you to nominate them by submitting an essay. and a photo.

>> somebody who is alive.

>> yeah. to klg and hoda. a great prize.