TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Desk pedaling and other hot health trends

TODAY contributor Joy Bauer tells the TODAY anchors about the hottest trends in health, fitness and nutrition, including a pedal exerciser for under your desk and candies made with all-natural ingredients.

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>>> we're back with what's hot in health. round up of the latest trends in fitness, food and nutrition .

>> from adding flavor without extra calories to biking at your desk, joy bauer is here with great fines for us. good morning.

>> good morning. i'm exciting to show you things happening in the food and fitness world. this first category really illustrates multitasking at it's best. are you ready?

>> sure.

>> it's a bikes best. are you ready?

>> sure.

>> it's a bike desk. you workout while your doing your work. it's about 2,000 dollars and it's got a nice desk counter top. it has bluetooth capabilities.

>> it's on the high end .

>> it tracks your calories, your miles. this is called fit desk. it retails for about $300 at fit and they're starting this initiative called fit student and they're donating thousands of them to class rooms across the country to try to combat childhood obesity. so that's great.

>> it shows when kids are moving at a desk, they have better concentration.

>> that's right. and you pedal slow and steady. so you never get crazy winded so you can concentrate on your work.

>> this say little bit cheaper way.

>> this is called desk cycle. this is $150 on amazon. it's small. it fits comfortably underneath any adult or child desk.

>> that's great.

>> the research that shows if you're sitting at your desk for hours on end it's really bad for your health.

>> over here we have an eating category. lots of great new candies that are healthier though.

>> it sounds like an oxymoron but in response in consumers wanting high quality ingredients the candy companies jumped on board. we have unreal, sun rich farms and lovely and amy's organics. they're taking out gmos and having no high fructose corn syrup and most importantly there's no artificial dyes and colors.

>> so not necessarily less calories but healthier.

>> yeah, you don't want to gobble them down. you'll gain weight.

>> it's still candy.

>> i love flavored vinegars. talk about a way to boost the flavor in your food.

>> one tablespoon is only 10 to 15 calories and the flavors are out of this world. i have a few for you to sample.

>> i could do classes on this. it's expresso bean. i have it on light vanilla ice cream.

>> try this body board?

>> yeah, this is a da vinci body board. you're going to sit over here on your knees. i'll show you exercises. one hand over here and over here. we'll pull back.

>> like a pilates board.

>> right, for your core. try a different exercise like this.

>> how much does this cost?

>> this is $395 retail but if you go to da vinci you're able to find exercise studios in your area that also teach you using it as well. stand up. so this is really fun. to get the your cardio, grab ahold and go for it. sorry, al. you