TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Neiman Marcus releases fantasy holiday gift catalog

Ginger Reeder of Neiman Marcus shares some of the high-end retailer’s fantasy gifts from their annual Christmas catalog, including a $750,000 motorcycle and a vintage Aston Martin.

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>>> halloween is more than two weeks away but this morning it looks like christmas on the plaza. niemann marcus is out with it's book a fantasy gift. ginger is a vice president with niemann marcus . good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> great to have you here.

>> santa has a chopper.

>> he does.

>> good morning, santa. talk to us about this gift idea.

>> i will. this is a one of a kind motorcycle made by indian larry , hand built in brooklyn new york. it was the winner of the biker build off series for the discovery channel . $750,000. almost a work of art is what most people would say but the best thing is that the portion of the proceeds benefits the heart of niemann marcus foundation which supports information for kids.

>> what if you want more than one?

>> only going to have one. got to be quick.

>> you know what they say --

>> you better be good?

>> rudolph who?

>> thanks. come down here.

>> great.

>> this is an experience.

>> this is a whole falcon recompanion. you have to be licensed to participate in the sport but everything you need for a day in the country. you have the beautiful campaign furniture . a handmade set here. you have a decanter. you have plenty to occupy you.

>> but you learn a little bit about it?

>> yes, $150,000. comes in the custom trunks that fit in your car.

>> wow. beautiful .

>> this next one over here. natalie is on our very beautiful --

>> working out this morning. getting in my cardio.

>> this is a wonderful spin bike designed in italy with inspiration of a unicycle but it has 12 levels of resistance. this one is so beautiful it won't end up being a clothes hanger in your bedroom.

>> this is functional and beautiful .

>> absolutely.

>> $11,000.

>> $11,000.

>> pricey.

>> wow. i could buy a new body for that.

>> if you have a piece of property you have been waiting to build on.

>> this is the famous black house in connecticut. they have never allowed anyone to spend the night in the house since his death. so this will be a once in a lifetime experience. they'll do a number of them. $30,000. it all goes to their clubs black house program but this is, you know, for an architecture -- this would be great.

>> there's a great diner as well.

>> yes.

>> i'm sure you have fancy neighbors out there.

>> look at this car.

>> oh my goodness.

>> i know.

>> well, this is such a beautiful -- this is the 2014 niemann marcus edition. $344,500. they go on sale the 23rd. there's only 10 of them. this was styled after the classic bb 7 that william and kate left their wedding from. the thing i love about this is its 100% carbon fiber shell.

>> that's the only thing you love about this?

>> no. v 12 engine.

>> look at the tiny backseat.

>> it's got cup holders .

>> we have lots of gifts under $100. easy to shop. free shipping, free returns all the time at niemann marcus but you have everything from a $38 christmas ornament , beautiful snow globe . popcorn can. i saw you snacking on that. that's good.

>> products for men.

>> yeah, jewelry for women.

>> this is a great candle that -- i can't get the top off.

>> it makes a great hostess gift. birth stone necklaces. a cookie jar . i'm not sure what those are but they look great. candles and a mink travel throw.

>> something for everyone from very high end to more