TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Check out (then into) these top hotels across the US

As holiday travel time approaches, Kate Maxwell, a contributing editor for Conde Nast Traveler, reveals the magazine’s readers’ choice award-winning hotels across the nation.

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>>> with great ways to get away. they're out with the readers best awards. this week 75,000 voters chimed in and toll us about their favorite cities, hotels, cruises and more. kate is here to reveal the top picks. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> before we get to the picks, trends this year, smaller is better.

>> the big trend is small. what we mean is our readers are seeking out smaller cities, smaller hotels. they want an authentic experience. portland, oregon made our list for the first time. they're going there and having a fantastic cup of coffee. it's all about having a traveler as opposed to a tourist.

>> let's get to the categories, best city in the united states to visit, your readers said charleston.

>> why?

>> it's a small population , 125,000. it's got it all. fantastic climate. 79 degrees and sunny today. historic and beautiful, fantastic restaurants.

>> the people are nice as well.

>> the people are very nice there and some cities get points for friendliness.

>> other cities, santa fe , san francisco , honolulu and chicago.

>> yeah.

>> you have specific regions around the country. the mid-atlantic region, what one?

>> it's norman rockwell meets ralph lauren . on the water. it has a garden with a pool. just lovely.

>> specifically where is it.

>> maryland.

>> oh it sounds beautiful.

>> yeah.

>> again, reasonable.

>> yes, absolutely.

>> moving on to a different region. let's go from the mid-atlantic to the midwest and the best hotel in the heartland?

>> the american club. this is a great golfing property one that you would like but it's also good for the whole family. it has a good kids' club and fantastic spa. it's $161 a night.

>> i like the way you said cola.

>> cola.

>> next hotel has overcome major hurdles and obstacles over the last five years because this one is located in new orleans.

>> exactly. it's a hotel, iconic new orleans property made the top of our list. it's $189 a night. it's beautiful property on the edge of the french quarter .

>> we have eaten a little of his food on this show. it's great.

>> vegas .

>> you have to have vegas on the list.

>> there's so many hotels, how do you choose one?

>> our vegas love the win las vegas and encore. it's got the great view. numerous pools, spa, fantastic night clubs . it costs $275 a night.

>> which isn't too bad but if our viewers drop your name they get a high roller suite.

>> i can't guarantee that.

>> keeping back with that theme smaller is better, let's talk about cruise lines and we're talking about the mid sized cruise ships .

>> they only have two ships but they're exemplary and we think about cruise lines that you get a lot for the price but this is gratuity is included, fine wines and spirits included. they have a great iotenery. you can go on your own and they'll give you a dance partner.

>> what's that called again?