TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Martha Stewart: Sexting just like writing a love letter

Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart talks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about her “American Made” awards program, which helps young entrepreneurs. She also reflects on her visit to Andy Cohen’s late-night talk show and says that sexting is just the modern equivalent of a love letter.

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>> martha stewart rolled out the red carpet last night at the second annual american made awards. andy cohen helped with the event. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> tell me about the awards.

>> every year we celebrate ten fantastic young entrepreneurs who are actually makers. they're making things. they're manufacturing in america. they're bringing back those lost talents and lost businesses that have gone elsewhere in the world.

>> you hand pick nine of these.

>> yes.

>> your readers actually pick the other.

>> yes and we got over 5 million votes for 2400 different makers online this year. it was fantastic. and the swell, the ground swell of all of this -- even andy , last night, he was amazing. he got really into each of them.

>> it was great. and martha taught me how to knit which was as close as i'm going to get to erectile dysfunction i hope.

>> what?

>> i couldn't do it is what i'm trying to say.

>> where did you make that turn? you're a maker. you're a creator.

>> he created the live late night show that's so funny. he makes makers.

>> but you two also make, if we're going to be on the make word, you make an unusual pairing. i don't think you two would be the ones you pick out of a line up and say these two are going to be best friends but you developed an interesting relationship.

>> i really mike martha .

>> i like andy .

>> i checked the wrong box on and we have been dating for six weeks.

>> you were supposed to break it here.

>> no, i think martha is great and this is a great project.

>> and as a co-host andy was phenomenal because he brings a levity to the whole makers movement. they loved him. and he loved them and that's the most important thing. everybody loves makers.

>> it's great. s nice you're spotlighting these people.

>> it's important for our economy. did you know there's 57% of americans are makers and that they spend around 30 billion, that's a big thing.

>> let me get back to you guys for a second. i've known you for a long time. you don't open up to just anybody and yet there's something about andy that seems to make you open up. i want to show a clip from when martha was on your show a little while ago.

>> good, excellent.

>> has martha ever sexted?

>> i think no.

>> martha .

>> yes. i'm so happy to hear that. okay. oh, that's who those texts were from the other night, martha .

>> that is the answer that started it all.

>> well, if you use technology you do things like that, right? it's just like writing a love letter .

>> martha is a saucy lady. people are scared of her but there's a will the of saucy going on here.

>> i'm surprised if you didn't ask him if he sexted.

>> i asked him other things. hi to spank him.

>> we managed to get erectile dysfunction and spanking and sexting in one interview.

>> we're taking it to the orange room .