TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Helen Fielding: New ‘Bridget Jones’ reflects modern moms

The author of best-selling “Bridget Jones” book series tells TODAY’s Natalie Morales about her latest novel and how it reflects the modern mom, noting that Twitter wasn’t around when she wrote the first Bridget book.

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>>> today's book club , our second pick, bridget jones , mad about the boy . it's been 14 years since we last heard from her. she's now 51 and figuring out how to navigate life in a texting tweeting world. helen fielding is taking a break from answering your twitter questions. she'll have more on those coming up in a little bit as well.

>> good morning. it's lovely to see you.

>> it's not, i think, a shock to a lot of people now because people heard we have been reporting that mark darcy is no more in this book. as we mentioned, bridget is single. she's a widow, mom of two. but the aftershocks are still being felt. people are still reacting and the conversation is why, why did you kill mark darcy who we love in the movies?

>> you know, i got a shock too at the state of the reaction because i was watching tele in my pajamas and there was a syrian crisis on the news and then mark darcy is dead. but it's very touching that after so many years people are so attached to these characters and after all, mark darcy is a very descent man. but this -- the story doesn't end there. it starts five years after mark died. and bridget like, let's face it, so many women and people now find herself single, dating, but also dealing with children and technology and technology just wasn't like this when i wrote the first book.

>> and there's a lot of parallels as i see in the book and in your life. she is a mom of two. she is singled, widows, and also is addicted to twitter. you went through a phase with twitter as well. how much of you and bridget are really alike?

>> well, it's not a memoir. but i think you can only write bridget or i can only write bridget from a place of truth. and i suppose over the years i've just been collecting little moments in my computer. the whole technology parenthood thing started when i had my daughter by c-section. i knew what she was going to be ca called. when she was going to be born. all mapped out. the only thing i did was press send all before i actually had her. so then hi to send another e-mail saying i haven't had the baby yet and then i got all of these e-mails saying who does that and then when i had her i couldn't say i have had the baby now. so that started me off on realizing that technology is the fifth element. there was no e-mailing even when i started writing it. and also parenthood is a very different world now than it was.

>> and she is dating in this book.

>> bridget has to learn --

>> a lot of mishaps in the dating world.

>> a lot. she has to learn how to get out there again. she has to make her own set of dating rules which include do not text when drunk and mark darcy 's memory lives on. daniel is still there to say what kind of nickers are you wearing but we have two new love interests. she has a younger man and there's all the comedy of that, of losing her reading glasses on the first date and then he has to say, would you like me to read the menu for you and perhaps cut up your food? but two people that actually really love each other that met in cyber space and then there's a jane austin like hero who is the mark darcy like figure who she doesn't recognize to start with and they slowly find each other. so perhaps a perfect storm of attractive men.

>> a love interest which brings us to what would bridget do and relationship advice. you have been helping our twitter followers out this morning as well. i want to go to tamron to see if they have questions for you.

>> we have a ton of questions. the #wwbd. what would bridget do. first question here, tips for meeting cool gentlemen?

>> i would probably say don't meet people in the club. i remember one of my first dating experiences in a club when someone asked me to dance and i got up excitedly and went to cross the room and they went no, not you, her.

>> ouch.

>> i think clubs are a hard place to meet people.

>> they certainly are.

>> i don't know if we have time for a quick one.

>> one more here. where would you not look for love. you said a club. what else is on the list helen?

>> i think there used to be a prejudice against online dating . it used to be shameful and now i think most people meet like that.

>> do you date online?

>> i have done a lot of research. i do find the confusing with online shopping is difficult. for example, if i put a dress in my shopping bag , then i go back to it, i get really upset if it hasn't winked back.

>> i love that. helen fielding , great. you'll stick around for our