TODAY   |  October 16, 2013

Fitness-trainer mom called out for ‘fat-shaming’

Mother of three and professional fitness trainer Maria Kang is being attacked for a photo of her posing in revealing workout clothes with her three sons in hopes of motivating other parents to make time to be healthy. The photo of the 32-year-old mom has gone viral.

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>>> of herself on facebook . it shows a very toned 32-year-old in a workout outfit with her three young sons. it's suddenly gone viral getting more than 14,000 comments on facebook . some are accusing her of being a bully or fat shaming other moms. a lot of people didn't care for that particular imagine.

>> so she responded guys on facebook , she wrote her critics, i'm sorry you took an image and resinated with it in such a negative way. what you interrupt is not my fault. it's yours. obesity and those that struggle with health-related disease is literally a bigger issue than this photo. maybe it's time to stop tiptoeing around people's feelings and get to the point. that's what she said on facebook . she is a trainer. that's her job, to stay fit. that's an unfair advantage if you look at it that way.

>> but she is also trying to motivate people.

>> yeah.

>> she's not trying to bring fault with people that can't look the way she does. she's trying to motivate. i'm curious why it's been up for a year and only now getting attention.

>> but you don't say what's your excuse? it's very smug.

>> very smug i think.

>> she's a busy mom of three like everybody else. that's the message she was hoping people got from it.

>> but she is a mom of three that's a fitness instructor.

>> and saying what's your excuse --

>> people that come up with excuses not to go to the gym for a long time. i understand. it doesn't bother me.

>> but we all spend ten hours plus at work focussing on this. that's her job to work like that.

>> but at the end of the day , it isn't attacking anybody.

>> right.

>> she makes it --

>> i think she make ace great point, though, that the conversation should be about our obesity epidemic in this country and focussing on this.

>> if it were a guy i wouldn't get all worked out.

>> if it were a guy up there and we were looking at it we wouldn't be offended by it.

>> there's a man and woman difference. men look at her and say wow, she's hot. we look at her and say maybe a little annoying.

>> i'm saying if it were a good in great shape with his kids and said what's your excuse, i wouldn't get -- well --

>> i agree.

>> he's bullying me.

>> i don't think it's bullying. i think it's a little irritating.

>> we can't speak to her heart and we don't know her but when she's there with a half top over your kids saying what's your excuse, i could see how that's hard to digest for