TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Gavin DeGraw is ‘looking for a teammate’

The singer joins the “Guys Tell All Panel,” chiming in on the challenges of maintaining a relationship while on the road, and the differences between having a job and pursuing a career.

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trick or treat ! mmm! thank you! mmm! mmm!

>>> all right. we are back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday with our guys ready to tell all about the relationships, dating. we added a very special guest.

>> who?

>> singer/songwriter gavin degraw .

>> he was dying to get on this panel?

>> i was. i always liked the color orange. goes with my eyes.

>> you're not dating anybody in particular right now. right?

>> i'm not dating right now because i'm just crazy busy.

>> okay.

>> really.

>> you know how it is.

>> uh-huh. okay. we've got our entire panel. we're going to start with this question from a facebook post. what percent of time do husbands slash boyfriend tune out their wives/girlfriends when we're talking to you? how often do you glaze over. gavin, a quick little --

>> depends if you're in the middle of work at home at the time. you know what i mean ? sometimes you might be really in the middle of something.

>> you're in the zone.

>> you're in the zone. men are not very good at multitasking. we're really like a one moment at a time species.

>> is he right, rick?

>> the whole idea that there's a percentage that we are aware of, half the time when i zone you out, i'm not even aware that i did that. as far as i'm concerned, zero percent. ask my wife.

>> it's football season right now. we got football thursday night now. sunday. monday.

>> you're busy. you're busy.

>> we are distracted some of those times.

>> we don't want to tune you out. but the amount that women talk, you can't physically listen to it all. i'm not --

>> oh.

>> it has been statistically proven, women, they talk more than us. they insert an amount of letters and words.

>> you get a quiz later. that's what happens. honey, we're doing that thing tonight i told you about four months ago one time. you're like, oh, yeah. that definitely -- i bought this stuff for it.

>> that other question. what are you thinking right now? the moment you ask that question you made me forget what i was just thinking.

>> okay. bob?

>> if she ever goes, do you know what tonight is? you're like, yeah, i totally do.

>> it's me doing my butt naked run through. run through the house butt naked .

>> across the street, take a question.

>> i'm sarah. my question is, how long is too long for the in-laws to stay with you?

>> i'll tell you. when i was married the in-laws loved me. they could stay all week. it was the wives i had a problem with. in-laws can stay as long as they want.

>> if you're about to ask your spouse or a live-in, have my parents been here too long, that's probably a good indicator. you're starting to feel it if you're asking me.

>> the other piece is, is your partner cool with her parents? sometimes when the parents come the stress is not on us. the stress could be on your partner.

>> i think you need a safe word . you know what i mean ?

>> a safe word or safe room?

>> word. you need a safe word so you don't have to say i hate your parents, get them out right now.

>> help?

>> right.

>> go up to them in the morning and go fish sticks . she's got to go.

>> i love to watch shawn.

>> it depends on what your background is or whatever. having your in-law come could mean you're going to eat more regularly.

>> like when my mother comes up or when her parents come, usually that means that's some free date nights.

>> that's nice.

>> what are you looking for in a girl?

>> what am i looking for? i'm looking for a teammate. you know? i'm looking for a teammate. i'm someone who's working -- working almost 100% of the time. to some degree. essentially there's a difference between a job and a career. a career you can't clock out of ever. pretty much all the time i've got work on my mind. really all the time. i'm sure a lot of jobs are like that, too. literally if i slack off at all, my career might suffer. i really need a teammate when it comes to a relationship.

>> then you're better off not dating right now, honestly. until it calms down.

>> are you --

>> no, no.

>> he makes it good, though. somebody who's a partner and is in on your -- knows what you're doing. knows your business.

>> an employee is what he needs.

>> new rules, coolness is the number one factor for me. can you just roll with it? with my kids. job.

>> all right. don't add more drama.

>> right. be cool.

>> guess what?

>> huddle with you.