TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Keep your garden colorful from fall to winter

Brighten up your life during the dreary winter months with hot pink camellias and rhododendrons. Husband-and-wife team Chris and Peyton Lambton of HGTV’s “Going Yard” suggest the perfect foliage for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

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>>> if you've got a garden or yard you may be thinking as the weather cools down there's no need for new plantings. now actually is a great time to bring some new life to your yard.

>> we've got just the right team to do it. husband and wife host of hgtv's "going yard." chris and payton lampton. this is a good time to get busy in the garden?

>> it's a great time. cool nights, warm days, it rains a lot. in the summer you don't want to plant. way too hot. now is the perfect time to put plants in the ground.

>> what should we be planting?

>> also a good time to go to your nursery. cleaning out inventory, getting rid of stuff. huge sales.

>> i got a huge sale on --

>> on what?

>> it was a huge sale. love them, love them.

>> we're going to educate you. in a lot of climates not a lot of flowers right thousand. this is a nandina. it's a fun thing to say. but see how you have great color with all the different leaves? it still flowers in the spring. flowers and color with the leaves. these leaves stay on all year round.

>> they do? okay.

>> next, the chamilia. it's great. it's going to flower in the winter. all these plants are great for different climates.

>> this flowers in the winter?

>> red flowers?

>> pink.

>> pink camilia.

>> you can feel the buds here. they're all about to pop.

>> i get that sad thing. that would be a good thing to have in the yard.

>> no mat whater what the climate, always hard to get color in your card. here in the middle, that's a rhody.

>> rhododendrum.

>> they get huge in this part of the country.

>> we planted some of these in our front yard . we have some knnosey neighbors.

>> i'd like to see what's going on in your yard, too.

>> this a dogwood. great thing about this -- great thing about the dogwood is that when the leaves fall off -- here, pull the leaves off. pull the leaves off. when the leaves come off -- i'm showing you what happens when the leaves fall off. look what happens. you get these beautiful, red --

>> branches.

>> yeah. it's a sneaky way to bring color into your yard.

>> let's talk about what you can bring indoors. these are a lot of plants that in all climates can thrive out doors and indoors. lime tree . hibiscus. for cooking you have your rosemary.

>> these are actually from our back porch.

>> really?

>> we just brought these in. we're ready to bring them in for winter. some people in texas have this as a hedge row where we bring it inside.

>> lemon trees and gardenia trees i bring into the hot house .

>> i actually trimmed these already. trimmed this already to bring inside. last thing we need to do is trim the rosemary. we're running out of time . you're lucky. you don't get your hands dirty.