TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Fitness-tech finds to get you back on track

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch demonstrates tech products that will help you make time and stay motivated to hit the gym, including an iPhone heart-monitor.

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>>> slacking in the gym lately because you're too busy or not that motivated?

>> our digital lifestyle expert is here with fun gadgets and gear to get you excited again about working out.

>> it's true.

>> carly, what you got, baby?

>> start with what we're going to wear when we work out. up top, okay, you've heard of stuffing your bra. how about stuffing it with all the stuff you don't want to carry when going for a run. waterproof pockets in this bra that carry your keys and money and smartphone and chapstick and everything.

>> is it going to hang out like that?

>> no. there's interior -- we just kind of put that there for you so you could see what's going on.

>> okay.

>> underneath we have electric yoga anti-slip yoga pants. get in that down dog and not have your --

>> electric?

>> not electric. from a company called electric yoga. they shop you if you don't do the down dog right. no. they're nonskid on the floor. $59. you don't fall over when you're in your downward facing dog. this is what you saw me doing before.

>> i'm excited about this.

>> a good whole body workout, jumpyou're tripping you can't get your heart rate up. use the jump snap. monitors the number of jumps, time, calories burn.

>> you never miss.

>> do the trick and never have a problem.

>> are these pricey?

>> no. somewhere, $30, $40, something like that.

>> i ish.

>> these are for if your shoes get sticky or gym bag . they have charcoal. dehumidify.

>> not when you're wearing them, actor.

>> i can't put pressure, body weight on my wrists if i'm doing a plank pose. it hurts. these are for your knees. even someone with knee surgery.

>> when do you do yoga?

>> never.

>> now you can!

>> now you'll be able to. she still won't. you won't.

>> i know.

>> you love your running.

>> do your running. then do some stretching after. core does not want you to use plastic water bottles at the gym. they design third-degree. it has this filter inside.

>> how much is that?

>> $40. this is a really interesting device. plug it into your phone. put your finger on it for a minute. it's tracking your blood pressure , your heart rate , your respiratory rate , blood oxygen level . telling you how fit you are but also how relaxed you are. it tracks progress over time .

>> that's good.

>> this is activity for the whole family. ibitz. the kid one has a game that unlocks levels if you run around, exercise. the parent one tracks the whole family. as a family be motivated to get out and exercise.

>> wear this little thing?

>> hook it to your shoe,