TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Pumpkin-ricotta pancakes and other brunch ideas

Chef Anne Burrell shares favorite brunch food ideas that you can make easily at home, including pumpkin-ricotta pancakes and a chunky apple-raisin sauce.

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>> when it comes to making brunch there are no rules. usually dishes are sweet and savory and that's just what she likes.

>> now she is sharing some of her favorite brunch ideas in a new cookbook, own your kitchen, recipes to inspire and empower. good to see you.

>> it's great to be back. i'm very excited to be here to inspire you guys to make pancakes.

>> especially it's pumpkin picking time.

>> pumpkin time so we have pumpkin ricotta pancakes and beaten egg whites . al, can you assemble all the dry ingredients?

>> we have flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon. how about you be my guy.

>> absolutely.

>> there you go.

>> okay.

>> how did you know that's what we call it?

>> so we have roasted pump kips.

>> you've heard of the wet willie , haven't you?

>> stop it.

>> i'm sorry.

>> a little vanilla extract . this is a good brunch.

>> what does that do for the pancake?

>> i love ricotta cheese . it gives it a lovely texture. so it's like we're making pumpkin cheesecake pancakes. so it's great at this time of year. it puts a little spin on -- a lot of times you hear lemon ricotta pancakes. i'm owning my kitchen.

>> yes, you are.

>> empowering us.

>> i'm empowering you.

>> how about you add your wet stuff to al's dry stuff.

>> hey.

>> we did that once already.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> but the reason we add the wet stuff into the dry stuff is so there's no lumps.

>> look it up.

>> i just inspired you guys.

>> what are you whipping up over here?

>> these are egg whites and keep things light and airy.

>> light and airy.

>> so we have these guys in thirds. we add these in gently. so fold these in.

>> fold.

>> so we don't squoosh.

>> let's move along.

>> let's start cooking.

>> so we have our pretty, pretty pancake batter. so we just put them on the buttered griddle.

>> i see that butter there.

>> butter. just a little bit just so they don't stick. and then when you see the holes in them that stay open, that's when you know it's time to flip them.

>> you're not going to use any old syrup on this.

>> no. no way.

>> tell us about this stuff.

>> that's not inspired.

>> beautiful.

>> so this is apple raisin compost. it's all fall, all day.

>> very nice.

>> and then we have sammys back here.

>> i love it.

>> my favorite food, sandwiches. so i make my own bread and then we have some mustard and some mayonnaise and little sour pickles and we cheese it up. we ham it up. toss these guys in the oven.

>> and you're done.

>> yes.

>> done.

>> meltys already.

>> they're working.

>> there we go, melted cheese. put it together and that's what we have.

>> may ?

>> please do.

>> recipes at always great.