TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Halloween scares up $7 billion a year

To get viewers excited for the upcoming holiday, TODAY anchor Natalie Morales displays a photo of herself getting into the Halloween spirit. If that’s not enough, consider this: Halloween generates an average of $7 billion a year for the American economy.

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>> we asked you yesterday to share some of your halloween spirit with us. the craziest decoration at your house or your neighborhood posting the photos to today's facebook site and you can still do that at #today's take. we want to inspire you a little bit.

>> i would not say that mine is an inspiration yet because it's half done. we ran out of lights so we're still in progress.

>> work in progress .

>> we haven't picked our pumpkins yet. but my husband gets into it.

>> great start.

>> he is good. he streams the cob well stuff from the top of the roof all the way down.

>> he repels down.

>> he repels down like spider man and -- yeah.

>> what's on the consider orange lights there.

>> lights and the blue thing, the giant spider , there's an orange spider as well.

>> how much do americans spent each year on halloween decorations?

>> 50 million? billion? s.

>> $500 million.

>> $7 billion.

>> no, you're kidding me.

>> yeah.

>> that's crazy. second only to christmas.

>> that's unbelievable.

>> i have to say my kids, it's one of their favorites because it's fun.