TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Octavia Spencer on new book for young readers

Oscar- winning actress Octavia Spencer talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about her new book, “Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective,” about a girl who loses her mom and moves to a small town and works with her new friends to solve some local mysteries.

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>> so much. well, octavia spencer is trying something new. she has written her first book. it's called randi rhodes ninja detective. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we know you're the oscar winner , the red carpet mavin, are you a bookworm?

>> i'm a bookworm and armchair detective .

>> you have been since you were a little girl .

>> i always loved books. i've not been the best reader but i loved books. so this is up my alley.

>> was this your chance to workout wanting to be a detective to solve a crime?

>> absolutely. when i was young they called it nosey little kid. now, you know, it's just the inquisitive mind. but yeah, this is really my passion.

>> tell me about randi rhodes . she is an interesting character. she is a ninja.

>> she is a practicing martial artist. she is going through a different change in her life and not only has she lost her mom, she is moving to a different town, a small town and there's very little to do so she has to solve some mysteries.

>> she has a whole gang of friends and they're from all different walks of life. it seems like that was part of the message of the book.

>> absolutely. you don't have to look alike to like one another or love one another and that's what is great. the kids are all very different. the thing they have in common is they feel like they don belong or they don't actually fit anywhere but they fit together perfectly.

>> you grew up in alabama. you mentioned how you were as a kid. you came from humble begins. you talked about that a lot. is it sinking in how much life has changed? i remember us first meeting in 2012 . you were just about to get the oscar. does it ever just stop being a thing where you're pinching yourself all the time?

>> no, i know i'm very fornlt fortunate. i feel like i got the golden ticket to the chocolate factory and i'm having a great time sampling the chocolate.

>> you have a great movie you're working on, right?

>> i just walked on a movie called black and white and i'm about to do james brown .

>> okay. what else are you up to? you still reading a lot of books?

>> i'm reading a lot of books and solving mysteries in my spare time .

>> are they finding you?

>> i stumble upon one every now and again.

>> it's a great book. it's the first of two. you'll have a second one too.

>> yes.