TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Your aching knee may actually predict the weather

Recent studies show that aching joints presaging damp weather may not be just an old wives’ tale. Biometeorology, which studies the interactions between life and its environments, may explain why you get migraines during lightning storms or swollen joins when it rains.

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>>> scientists have now found a link between our aching bodies and the weather.

>> that's right. it's a whole science called biomebi biometeorology.

>> really?

>> let's give people some examples here.

>> just trying to one up you.

>> lightning leads to a 31% increase in migraines and headaches. cold weather increases -- increases heart attacks 7%. and falling air pressure causes joints to swell.

>> absolutely.

>> so when we feel it in our joints we really do.

>> yeah, that's why some people are literally living barometers.