TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Doctor on trial for poisoning beauty queen wife

A high-profile murder trial will begin in Provo, Utah, Tuesday: The case of Martin MacNeill, a 57-year-old doctor who allegedly gave his wife a cocktail of deadly drugs in 2007 in order to continue an affair with his mistress. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> a high profile murder trial in utah. a 57-year-old doctor is charged with using a cocktail of deadly drugs to murder his beauty queen wife to continue an affair with his mistress.

>> reporter: her death has never been ruled a homicide. undetermined was the latest listed cause after she was discovered dead in her own bathtub in april 2007 . but her daughter says she waited six agonizing years for prosecutors to finally charge that it was her father, dr. martin mcneil that used prescription drugs to murder her 50-year-old mother.

>> we know what happened and we support the prosecutors and hope for justice for our mother.

>>> the motive, to protect his continue ago fair with his mistress who after michelle 's death was convicted along with dr. mcneil of fraud and identity theft. he pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. his lawyers calling his wife's death an accident and the result of natural causes .

>> reporter: they were a beautiful couple with four biological children and adopted four others. some of his own children now poised to testify against him. prosecutors say that michelle , a former beauty queen might not

have been mcneil's only victim: alleging that the 57-year-old mcneil talked about drowning a younger brother and attempting to kill his mother. this trial, though, the first in utah to be televised will be about the death of michelle mcneil .

>> this is about my mother. we want to help the prosecution in anyway we can.

>> the trial is expected to last around five weeks ending just before thanksgiving.