TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Ain’t no sunshine: Orange juice sales plummet

NBC’s Tamron Hall takes a look at the sudden drop in sales for the once-popular citrus beverage, citing a steep price hike in recent years, and asks for users to share their morning drink of choice using #OrangeJuiceRoom.

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>>> we're back. tamron has invited us into the orange room to talk about, what else? orange juice .

>> only appropriate that it would attract a story about orange juice . do you drink it in the morning?

>> love it.

>> on the weekends. it's a sweet treat.

>> it's interesting. orange juice sales, lowest level in 15 years. when you break down the numbers, last ten years, orange juice sales drop over 30%. that's a big number. when you look at the reasons behind it, this will catch your eye. 2003 , orange juice , $4.40, 2013 , $6.20 and that doesn't include what you pay at the high end grocery stores .

>> al roker senior used to water it down.

>> yeah.

>> when we weren't looking.

>> it will last us an entire month.

>> haven't we had this about a month.

>> why is it watery? but we're asking our audience to # orange juice room.

>> but that's what a lot of people are drinking soda and things like that.

>> on the weekends at my house we have momossas.

>> you and the dog?

>> don't describe miloy lonely life. nevertheless, sales are down. so what are you drinking?

>> full disclosure, savannah saw my reeses pieces in the orange room and show what you did.