TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Congress to see details of new bill to end shutdown

Today the House and Senate will see the details of a new bill that is the result of “substantial progress” from both sides of the aisle as a government default is only 48 hours away. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> a possible end to the government shutdown could be in site. peter alexander is at the white house with more on that. hi, peter.

>> reporter: hi, matt, good morning to you. and end to the shutdown and to the ability to borrow money both in the works here. senate insists congress is the closest it's been to a deal. senate republicans will get a look at the plan a few hours from now. they could vote within 24 hours but the real hurdle maybe house republicans that are going to discuss the negotiations this morning as well. the third week may finally be the charm. with the u.s. expected to run out of money to pay it's bills in less than 48 hours and americans bracing for a possible default to old senate adversaries closed in on a deal to avoid an economic disaster.

>> we have made tremendous progress.

>> it's safe to say we made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future.

>> reporter: senate sources tell nbc news the agreement would fund the government for three more months through january 15th and would extend the nation's ability to borrow money until early february. still up in the air whether john boehner and house republicans will be on board. with one conservative already saying it's the senate surrender cauc caucus.

>> we stand a good chance of defaulting and defaulting would have a potentially devastating effect on our economy.

>> reporter: across the nation's capitol frustrated tourists are all but ignoring the shutdown marching around barracades at the national monuments . still an end to the crisis can't come soon enough for furloughed workers and contractors, like this single mother that filed for unemployment benefits last week and is looking for a new job.

>> things are going to be extremely tight for the next few months. it's going to take me months to overcome, you know, missing out on three weeks of a paycheck.

>> reporter: again, the biggest potential obstacle here is any mass protest by house republicans and, remember, even if this all goes well, matt, this budget deal would only reopen the government for about 90 more days. unless the two sides reach a bigger deal soon, we could be back here early in the new year.

>> nobody wants that. peter alexander ,