TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Billy Graham’s son discusses dad’s legacy

Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, talks to Kathie Lee and Hoda about his 95-year-old’s father’s commitment to ministry and his new book. Franklin notes that Bill is “slowin’ down, but he’s not quitting.”

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>>> billy graham has been preaching more than seven decades reaching tens of millions of people around the world. he's been a confidante to more than ten u.s. presidents , a friend to me for all these years. he just finished writing his 32nd book. you think you've written some, hoda? it's called "the reason for my hope."

>> here to tell us all about it is billy's son franklin graham , president and ceo of the billy graham evangelical association .

>> this is the best he's done. at 95, he's slowing down, but he's not quitting. i tried to get him to go out and get a hamburger. he says i just want to stay home.

>> this is not a compilation book. this isn't the best bits , this is all new material.

>> it's all new. he worked for over a year on it. he just did a great job. this is really from his heart. he realizes at 95, he doesn't have many days left. he wants to leave with another generation, he wants them to know the truth about god's love for us. we live in a world where people think, well, okay, i am a christian, i believe in god and i believe in jesus , but they don't want to follow him. they don't want to live for him. he wants them to understand there are consequences to sin. the bible says all of us have sinned. every one of us is guilty, but god loves us.

>> there is a feeling god wants to keep all the good stuff away from us and it's the exact opposite of that, isn't it? his word has a purpose to follow it and you will have abundance and joy in your life.

>> absolutely. we've all sinned and become short of god's standard. the wages of sin is death. but god so loved you and me he gave his son. god will forgive us and heal our hearts.

>> and make us new creatures.

>> and show his plan and purpose for our lives. it's a great book. he's got a film on november 7th "my hope america with billy graham ."

>> i'm going down for his birthday party november 7th .

>> tell us about the film.

>> it's a 30-minute film. it's the best thing he's ever done. my father gives a very clear plan of salvation. he is so clear and articulate. he is in his home and talking to you. he's not standing behind the pulpit preaching. it is powerful.

>> how is he doing?

>> he's doing pretty good. if you asked him, he would say, i'm doing terrible. he's 95, but his mind is crystal clear . this book and the film "my hope america with billy graham " is the best he's done.

>> there is a particular chapter in this book that was extraordinary to me. it goes through historically what other people have said about jesus , which was fascinating and really interesting. there is less known about julius caesar than about jesus of nazareth . most people easily believe everything about julius caesar , but not christ, why is that?

>> the devil is very clever how he masked over this and people avoid christ. there is more evidence jesus lived than caesar. the fact is jesus came to this earth for sinners. that is how much god loves us. he gave his son to be the sacrifice for our sins. we trust him and put our faith in him, god will forgive us and heal our hearts.

>> you were a rebellious teenager, if i recall. yes, you