TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Woman who shed 175 pounds: I finally feel free

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Joy Bauer welcomes 24-year-old Lauren McComas of West Virginia to the Joy Fit Club, and is proud to reveal that Lauren uses one of her recipes as a healthy juice option.

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>>> we are back now with the joy fit club . a woman who gave up her emotional eating to drop nearly half her weight. 24-year-old laura from huntington, west virginia stepped on the scale and saw 357 pounds. show did something about it. we are going to meet her in a moment. first, let's listen to her story.

>> my name is lauren and i once weighed 357 pounds. i was always known for being a diva and had all the attitude to go along with it. behind the sass and fake smiles, i can honestly say i didn't like myself. i hated that i let food control my life and i hated that no matter how hard i tried to lose weight , i still didn't see any results. my bat will my weight began so early in life. what is on a diet by the age of 8 and grew up being the fat girl . by 16 i started training in hopes of playing high school volleyball. in the process i experienced many physical setbacks including foot and knee injuries that landed me in a wheelchair multiple times. however, i never gave up. i fell off for a few weeks and binge on anything i could get my hands on, but i would always try again. it wasn't until i got my overall health under control and attended a weight loss retreat i truly began to deal with my emotional binge eating . it was there i learned how to let food fuel me and not control me. two years and 175 pounds later, i can honestly say for the first time in my life, i am comfortable in my own skin. i love who i am inside and out, and most importantly, i feel free.

>> that is so great. joy bauer is the leader of the joy fit club .

>> i'm so worried about your foot.

>> i'm soaking in pickle juice . someone said put your foot in pickle juice . so are test driving it to see if it works.

>> for two hours. take it to the movies afterwards.

>> this girl is unreal. not only did she lose all of this weight, but when she comes out here, she is going to show you a special sort of skill she has now. she is a power lifter. i want to show you a snapshot of what she eats in a day to keep up with her workout habit. she has about 2,000 calories. breakfast, tortilla stuffed with egg whites, salsa and spinach. lunch a great big salad. now she cuts back on the starchy carbs. lettuce leaves with goat cheese , salmon. she googled and found my recipe for greens in a glass and uses this as a recovery shake after she works out. i'll tweet this out after the show. for dinner she has a great big stir fry of vegetables, avocado and chicken.

>> let's look at lauren 's before picture. lauren , come join the joe fit club .

>> those are her old pants.

>> oh, my gosh. look at you.

>> take those off.

>> you look great.

>> that is just fantastic.

>> is she incredible?

>> i'm great. how are you?

>> how long has this been going on?

>> what?

>> losing the weight.

>> took me about a year and a half to lose it all. but here i am.

>> this is 115 pounds.

>> you can lift that up?

>> she can do it.

>> thanks.

>> cute.

>> be careful, hon.

>> what?

>> you rock.

>> thank you.

>> and you use these dumbbells?

>> i sure do. joy told me you complain about your lunges.

>> want me to show you a circuit i like to work on?

>> show while we go to commercial.

>> i take it up here, do a shoulder press, take it out and hit that full extension.

>> you look awesome.

>> thank you.

>> thank you for coming to see us.

>> thank you for having me.

>> i want to thank our facebook fans william salors for