TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Is the French manicure really French? KLG says no

Sarah Eggenberger of New Beauty Magazine debunks age-old beauty legends in a game of Myth or Fact, setting the record straight about shampoo, sleep deprivation, and the birthplace of the classic French mani.

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>> some so-called truths are beauty and health myths. some really are down-right true. here to set the record straight is sara eggenberger, contributing editor for "new beauty" as opposed to old beauty.

>> we are so ready.

>> okay. this is very serious. lack of sleep causes undereye circles.

>> i'm going to say myth because we just said it in the tease it was a myth.

>> hoda, you're following along correctly. it is a myth. very nice of you. sleep deprivation causes a lot of things, but dark circles are genetic. the skin is thin right there and there are a lot of veins there.

>> how about puffy?

>> eat bananas, they are high in potassium. number two, you cannot smell your own perfume.

>> that is definitely a myth.

>> i'm going to say it's a fact. it's one of those sneaky things.

>> it is a fact. because you become immune to it. you are constantly spraying it.

>> what if you're wearing a new one though.

>> then it does change, yes. so you're still correct. only spray on your pulse points. don't overapply.

>> i spray in my hair. have you ever been to a smoky bar? it used to stay in your hair. same with perfume.

>> ew.

>> why is that gross?

>> you may have heard this one before. you become used to your own shampoo.

>> i'm going to say fact.

>> that is a myth.

>> who says?

>> they have researched this thoroughly. there is no scientific evidence to support this. if you feel like your shampoo isn't working, you have a buildup of styling products, waxes and you need to use a purifying shampoo. that will remedy the problem with.

>> don't make those promises. go ahead.

>> number four. shaving will make your hair grow back darker and thicker.

>> that is a myth.

>> i'm going to say it's a fact so i'm going to say it's a myth.

>> it's a myth. only because when you're shaving, if you don't use a sharp razor, you'll feel the blunt edge. that is the thickest part of the hair shaft.

>> no, no.

>> eating carbs can help you lose weight .

>> that sounds like a fact so i'm going to say a fact.

>> they are going well. hallelujah it's a fact. there is a new diet called the carb cycling. you can indulge in carbs based on how you work out. high cardio days you can have your carbs, low protein. on weight resistant days, use low carbs, high protein diet .

>> this is a tie.

>> it is a tie. number six, sugar only causes cavities.

>> no. it's a myth.

>> you're correct. it's a myth. bacteria. close. what happens is the bacteria and sugar work together and cause and acid and acid breaks down your tooth enamel.

>> a tiebreaker? one more.

>> this is it. for the prize. this is very serious. for the prize.

>> i hope it's pickle juice .

>> french manicure came from france.

>> i'm going to say a fact.

>> here is our tiebreaker. it's a myth. kathie lee is our winner. it's from california.

>> how about the french kiss ?

>> look at that beautiful prize.

>> i'll give it to you,