TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Attention, shoppers: Extreme couponing goes digital

Comparison shopping, price tracking, and couponing have never been easier. Nina Willdorg, executive editor of All You Magazine is in the studio to introduce the top three websites that will help you manage your money.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this monday-saving monday. instead of throwing away cash when you do all that online shopping , we are basically giving it away today. nina is here.

>> to find discounts and deals and executive editor of "all you" magazine.

>> there are simple things we can do on the web that will save money?

>> we are all about smart shopping and helping you find the best deals. that's what we are doing today. talking about three websites that are the hidden secrets of the smartest shoppers online.

>> and what are they?

>> the first one, if you want to comparison shop online, the only site you need to know is called get invisible hand . this is the way it works. it's called a browser add-on, meaning you download it to your browser and it works behind the scenes like magic. it takes about a minute to download. say you want to buy a camera. i go to best i want this nikon cool pics s-9500. i click on it and look what happens. it found me a cheaper price . $189, 32% off and it also tracks the shipping price , too. so you're not going to get socked with an extra shipping.

>> this is great for consumers. you had no idea.

>> exactly. now i'm saving $90 and saving time. you spend so much time searching around.

>> that's get invisible hand .

>> let's go to poach

>> it is a great site for big-ticket items. when you're buying something, you know the price is probably going to drop at some point. you don't know and you don't want to overspend. especially with black friday coming up, if you want to buy something big, you don't want to overspend. here we go. i want to buy a french door refrigerator. these are pricey. $1,500. i do not want to spend that much. i'm going to cut and paste this link into poach it to track product. then i paste the link here, track the product. my work is done. i'm done for now. it e-mails me when the price goes down. i don't have to think about it again.

>> it e-mails me when the price goes down. i don't need to worry again.

>> unless the price doesn't go down.

>> in which case i'm no worse off than i was before.

>> what about the next one? coupon helper.

>> there are so many great coupon codes online. who has the time to search around for everything? there's this site. another browser add-on called coupons it works on firefox and chrome. download it to your browser. it tracks every coupon code you might need. on jc penney there is an adorable coat i love. it was in our november issue by nicole miller . these are the coupon codes that it automatically found for me on jc penney . it shows all these coupon codes.

>> how do you get the coupon?

>> pumpkin will save me 15%. i type it in here. it applies the price . already the coat was $200, went down to $119. saved me an additional $18. thank you very much.

>> where was the coupon.

>> online coupon code. we just saved hundreds of dollars.

>> it's inside the computer.

>> how does it do that? s.

>> that was great.

>> we are thinking about seals today, it's columbus day . you can save even more.

>> great. you're a doll. thank you so much. more money-saving tips in "all you" magazine.