TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Lady Gaga movie tanks while ‘Gravity’ soars

Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly reviews the Hollywood weekend news, from the box office highs (“Gravity”) and lows (“Machete Kills,” whose cast includes Lady Gaga) to the dramatic casting  shakeup in the much-anticipated “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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>>> shades of gray shake-up. who is here to fill us in? kim sacks. tell us "fifty shades of gray ." this is big news today.

>> charlie hunham dropped out. he said it was his tv schedule.

>> something is rotten in denmark.

>> he is on the cover for "sons of anarchy." he said it was very daunting to live up to fan expectations. i think he was freaked out by it.

>> who are they saying? what name is being bantered about?

>> fans want matt bomar. there was an online poll.

>> he's got a heavy schedule, too.

>> he does. he might be free. he does not need to work out for it. and ian somerhalder .

>> they look like the same person.

>> michael douglas . this was interesting. he said he had throat cancer . now he is saying it was tongue cancer.

>> he said he gave a different diagnosis because while he was filming " wall street ", money never sleeps" he said if he had surgery he could lose his mouth. the doctor told him to say it was throat cancer .

>> i just don't understand that. you have what you have. any time you lie about stuff, it always hits you in the rear end. hoda.

>> really?

>> so gravity number one? i thought tom hanks would take number one.

>> no. "gravity" is huge. it grossed over $55 million. it's huge.

>> i tried. i was incapacitated all weekend long. i want to see "gravity" and i want to see "captain phillips" and the one hoda saw. i'm way behind.

>> it's amazing. it's like 1 1/2 hours panic attack.

>> it is?

>> how did the tom hanks movie do?

>> "captain phillips" did really well, $25 million. that's about what they expected it to be. it's an intense movie. it's not a typical tom hanks movie. it did really well. it's good fall for movies.

>> what about lady gaga ?

>> lady gaga is in the movie "machete kills." charlie sheen . she has a very small role. her "applause" is not doing great.

>> i haven't seen this promoted, have you?

>> i mean it's sort of been promoted. the first movie was a cult hit , not a huge hit. it's not shocking it didn't do that well.

>> disappointing.

>> yeah. maybe a little disappointing.

>> i still love gaga.

>> thank you, tim.