TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Fall comfort meal: Pasta with sausage, fava, mint

Chef Scott Conant from the New York City restaurant Scarpetta demonstrates how to prepare a tasty autumnal dish: orecchiette pasta mixed with sausage, fava and mint.

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>>> back now on this columbus day , what better way to celebrate than with a big bowl of pasta.

>> scott is sharing some of his dishes. nice to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> we're glad to have you. five restaurants. thriving business.

>> fortunately. it's all good stuff.

>> and you're cooking for us a classic.

>> we do a little bit of twist. so here i have sausage. what i did was reinforced the flavor profile. toasted fennel seeds and crushed red pepper . i started with pancheta first and caramelized it.

>> just regular sausage.

>> regular pork sausage , italian sausage and reinforce the flavor profile with more fennel. i have a little bit of olive oil in the pan. added the pork to that. now i just added a touch of garlic and we'll caramelize it nicely.

>> let that cook four or five minutes or so.

>> it's nice and brown and caramelized and full flavor but not brown garlic. and then i have it cooking here. i'm going to add this right to the pan.

>> why do you like that pasta?

>> well, this shape, like you said it's a really classic flavor profile. especially in the heel of the foot of italy. but, you know, i love that and really starting with the principles of that cuisine and then things that are updated and fresh and vibrant. here we have beans and beautiful peas and we add that here.

>> beautiful color, too.

>> great colors. good flavor.

>> you do that only at the end, right?

>> just at the end. you don't want to lose that. fresh mint here. just a pop of brightness in addition to the great flavors and sweetness of the peas.

>> a lot of chefs do that more and more. add the pasta water back in.

>> that's the way to do it. if you think about it, we should always salt the water so it tastes like broth. not the ocean because that's too salty. my mother told me broth.

>> do you put olive oil in it too?

>> no olive oil . good quality pasta will never stick. the good stuff doesn't stick.

>> good to know.

>> good to know. and then of course we saut? it all together. now, you see the good pasta cook cooking liquid, it's absorbing the flavor. it's all good stuff. we'll add a little parmesan cheese .

>> i got those at the farmer's market this weekend. you can get those any where.

>> anywhere.

>> and i love the texture of them and the little snap inside just to finish it.

>> that took all of five minutes to make that meal. amazing.

>> it's all good. anybody can do it.

>> serve it up like this.

>> now you brought my other favorite dish.

>> this is a little bit of a different pasta. it's from sorento and we make it with film. and with clams it's great.

>> the recipes are at and go visit him at his restaurant.