TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

7 of the dirtiest habits of men

Clint Carter from Men’s Health magazine explains some of dirtiest habits men are guilty of, such as texting while in the bathroom, propping their feet on the coffee table and eating at their desks while on the job.

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>> carey your cell phone with you into the bathroom? yes, you do. do you wear your clothes over again without washing them? probably.

>> when was the last time you cleaned out your coffee pot ?

>> when i first bought it. this morning, willie and i are going to come clean. for guilty we'll hold it up to show dirty, innocent it's clean. here's clint carter.

>> thanks for having me.

>> it's going to be on the dirty side for me a lot.

>> we have the crimes here. these are things that people do here.

>> texting in the bathroom.

>> yes, texting in the bathroom.

>> dirty.

>> will you hold my phone for me.

>> yes, you have a problem there because when you flush the toilet, i don't want to ruin anyone's breakfast but things in the air and they land on that screen and then you put -- you get a phone call and you put that against your face. bad idea.

>> but that's peace and quite. that's like my office.

>> i fknow, right. bad idea. put it in your pocket at the very least.

>> i'll never read one of your e-mails the same.

>> the next one you have and i'm guilty of this one, you put your feet on your coffee table.

>> yeah.

>> but it's like all the stuff that you pick up all day long and then you're taking that into your house. the real problem is if also eat off of that table and that's where it is a problem. so it's feet or food not both.

>> real quick, how about cleaning your coffee maker .

>> this is when you're really cleaning it all out.

>> not the pot but the inside. when was the last time you guys did that?

>> i don't have a coffee maker .

>> really? how do you function on the weekends.

>> i don't drink coffee.

>> i bet when you go to restaurants they haven't either. you have warm water reservoir back there. if you're an allergy sufferer and one in ten has fecal bacteria.

>> what?

>> it grows so. it takes a tiny amount and that environment is so good for the bacteria. so rinse it out with vinegar. vinegar once a month or two.

>> let it do a full drift through.

>> let it sit for 30 minutes . and run as much water as you need to get rid of the vinegar.

>> next crime, wearing clothes multiple times between washes.

>> jeans and stuff.

>> as long as you're not wearing under wear multiple times but apparently 40% of people admitted to occasionally wearing their underwear multiple times.

>> when you're in college.

>> when mom's no longer doing laundry it's acceptable but also don't throw a dirty shirt into the dirty clothes and then pull it out.

>> once it's in the dirty basket it's not coming back until it's washed.

>> yeah.

>> what about eating at your desk?

>> that's something we all do.

>> yeah, totally.

>> so it's like all the sauces and the dressings and any kind of oil that can splash on to your keyboard overtime is a conducive environment for things like staph and strep and any bacteria. i'm going to keep eating at my desk. that's not going to stop. an alcohol based cleaner, wipe it down once a week.

>> okay. what about the blender, this is something people don't think. all of these part versus to come apart.

>> just smash it. that's the best way to clean it. it's what happened if people just wash out the inside. they found these are some of the dirtiest spots in the kitchen because when you wash this out, if you don't take this off, bacteria gets all around there.

>> and this thing too.

>> you need to get it off and take that off. if you turn it on, you're shooting all of the bacteria growing for weeks into your margarita and smoothies. good stuff.

>> yum.

>> so take that off every time.

>> really quickly, cutting boards.

>> yeah, cutting board for me, that's a real problem because it's poris and hard to clean. you have to use a plastic cutting board .

>> you ruined everyone's coffee maker .

>> and for being a good sport.

>> we got you a gift.

>> fantastic. we don't have enough of this around here with matt being a germaphobe and