TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

William Shatner ‘not spoofing’ in new album

Emmy-winning actor and occasional recording artist William Shatner chats about his new album, “Ponder the Mystery,” which tackles the art of the spoken word. He admits that he can’t sing on key, but insists his new album isn’t a spoof.

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>> let us ponder for a moment the mystery of william shatner . the emmy award winning writer, director, author, now out with a new album called ponder the mystery.

>> great to have you here. the legend. this isn't something totally new for you. you have done spoken word albums in the past going back to the 60s.

>> this is a very musical album . billy sherwood took my words and fashioned songs and they are very musical and we brought aboard some 13 great musicians to play solos on each one of the songs. so the people that are on this album are enormously talented people.

>> so you wrote the lyrics?

>> i did. they asked me to do another album. i said i'll write an album about a guy in despair on the beach and an hour before sunset and through the beauty of the night he regains his joy of life. but each song is an individual song. i used that as a scenario to hang the hooks that the songs needed.

>> where does this spoken word thing come from? you said i can't sustain a note to sing but i have music in my soul. some people probably heard you do this in the price line commercials and thought this is a spoof but this is how you express yourself .

>> there's a fine line between spoofing and being real. i'm not spoofing in the album but since it caused controversy of is he trying to sing or talk, language has a musicality. language has a rhythm. you're dealing with it all the time and it's musical. so now an artist like billy takes my words and fashions music to it. so the great lyrics, what came first? that's sort of the legend.

>> you have such a great voice. so i can't imagine you can't hold a note. you can't really?

>> holding the note but staying on key.

>> okay.

>> now we get it.

>> i can't either but i try all the time. doesn't stop me.

>> we were just talking about your career. i know you were at comic-con over the weekend.

>> yes.

>> and there's so many people that identify you as captain kirk .

>> i spent days at comic-con and 150,000 people and the people that come up, the fans that come up, there's such an emotional contact between them -- i was moved to near tears a lot of the time. peopling coming up to touch my hand and i thought where did this come from? and i feel such an obligation to be there for them. it was extraordinary two days that i spent saturday and sunday. and now i'm on this tour promoting this new album which i will go on tour with at least in los angeles to three venues to see what we've got. i'll be at the canyon club on october 23rd for example and a couple of other places in the los angeles area seeing what we have, maybe go on tour with it.

>> you're a best selling author. you also do a lot of stage and theater. do you ever have plans to slow down?

>> well, it's a 55 miles per hour speed limit . so i'll slow down to 55. no, why?

>> well, you look great. you're doing great. so we appreciate you being here.

>> thank you.

>> good luck on the album.

>> it's fantastic. the cd is called ponder the mystery. check it out. if you're in the los angeles area check out william shatner on tour