TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Tom Hanks reprises ‘Chopsticks’ scene from ‘Big’

Tom Hanks proves he’s still got the moves! Tapping into his inner child, he performed the iconic dance scene from “Big” while promoting his new film “Captain Phillips” on a British talk show Saturday night.

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>> tom hanks revisiting the film big, remember this classic moment, of course. [ music playing ]

>>> a little chop sticks . do you think he could still do it?

>> the question was answered. he appeared on a british talk show over the weekend and was asked if he could still do it and just happened to have a giant dancing piano in the studio.

>> that's what i had to do in the movie. i had to pull up my pants.

>> wow. [ music playing ]

>> i'm not doing that last part.

>> that's sandra bullock . she was also on the show promoting separate movies.

>> he can still do it. just not with the pants.

>> waistlines do change over the years. tickling the ivory with their feet.