TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Mac & cheese + beef patty = Mac Attack  burger

Billy Dec is the owner of Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago and his creation, the Mac Attack burger, became an internet sensation for its unconventional ingredients of macaroni and cheese plus beef patties. He shows TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie and NBC’s David Gregory how to make this tasty treat.

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>> coming up next, we'll head to the kitchen and sample a burger that's taking over the internet. the mac attack. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we're back at 8:51. we are making the ultimate food. i'm excited about this.

>> we're talking about god and now we're going to the godless burger . meet the mac attack burger with buns made entirely of mac and cheese . the picture alone set the internet on fire.

>> billy is the owner of rocket burger bar in chicago . this is where it was invented. good morning.

>> good morning. deep fried mac and cheese at that.

>> thank you for clarifying. can anyone make it at home?

>> anyone can make it. we'll start with whipping cream right here. you guys can do it.

>> you do that.

>> i'm going to put some really important geltin in. it's going to bind everything and create a solid.

>> throw it in. it's a cup of cheddar jack.

>> do you have to use a particular kind of cheese?

>> no, use whatever you want . we use this at our place because our mac and cheese is well loved. we kept the same ingredients.

>> a pinch of salt.

>> a dash of pepper.

>> you'll get that really nice and melted evenly. there you go.

>> well --

>> you guys are on it. so then what we're going to do is keep your whisk.

>> can't stop whisking.

>> put it right on your pasta. make sure it's cooked and ald al dente . it has the hollow middle so the cheese gets in there and the grooves are important so it binds to the cheese. let it cool. don't want it to melt the final ingredient which --

>> oh my gosh. don't double dip . out, out. we plan to eat this.

>> the reason you don't want these to melt is later you want people to bite into these morsels of cheese. then lay it out in a pan just like this. we're going to create a much more denser --

>> oh, i see.

>> it has to be a solid. let that cool for just an hour. this is the best part. cut out circles for me.

>> you don't really ever cook it. you let it sit there.

>> and we're going to cook it again in the frying pan in a second. pop that out. it's like a hockey puck . you're going to put it in seasoned flour.

>> okay.

>> follow me now.

>> you guys are hungry.

>> we want to do this.

>> flour and then cover it in egg.

>> did you say seasoned flour?

>> yes just a pinch of salt and pepper .

>> okay.

>> and i'll put it in bread crumbs so we're creating this amazing crunch. it's going to go right into the frying pan .

>> don't get it on me.

>> okay.

>> once you're done frying it to a golden brown just like this --

>> yours are beautiful.

>> that egg make ace really rich crust so it's just crisp and then you get the hot cheese and then you're done. you get the golden brown pieces and we're ready to make our burger . lettuce, tomato, you might do a burger . you might do two burgers if you wanted to.

>> you could do a turkey burger and make it healthy. we do ketchup just to give it a nice little kick.

>> you did a double burger .

>> i did a double just to show you you can. you can do whatever you want . but these are yours. you should jump in and try those. that's the mac attack. a little gift from chicago .

>> if i take a bite of this you may have to read this tease to thank yourself.

>> to thank yourself.

>> how do you guys like that? it's good, right? the picture as loan, we put it on social media went crazy the first day.

>> wow.

>> i love it.

>> that's unbelievable.

>> that is so good.

>> you can come to chicago and come to rocket burger bar and try it out or put it at home. i'm sure you guys are putting the recipe online.

>> thank you so much.