TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

CeeLo Green: Head tattoo was only temporary

The judge on the hit show “The Voice” tells the TODAY anchors he enjoys his camaraderie with the other judges on the show, and reveals that the head tattoo he showed America during the audition rounds was (sadly) only temporary.

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>>> cee lo green is a five time grammy winner and fashion icon and did we mention, coach on nbc's emmy-winning show the voice. cee lo is here this morning.

>> cee lo , good morning.

>> good morning to you. cee lo we're so excited about the new season of the voice but i'm sorry, we collectively are devastated that the head tattoo is gone. what happened to it?

>> i didn't mean to disappoint anybody but it was a temporary tattoo and lasted for ten days.

>> i was telling willie i have the same chain but the clasp on mine broke.

>> how's the voice going this season?

>> the voice is going great t. ratings are through the roof and people are enjoying it so much ichl. it's a great thing to be a part of.

>> the battle round starts tonight.

>> it does.

>> those are fun because they're different than the rest of the show. what do you look forward to?

>> it's just a fierce competition. the original gang, there's so much comradery but the competition is fierce. i'm looking to win this season over blake shelton 's last two seasons.

>> i was going to say, he has a little secret sauce there and he likes to brag about it.

>> yeah, i told him to get ready big guy . i'm coming for you.

>> he's trying to go for the 40 peat. -- the fourpete.

>> i'm looking forward to it.

>> do you think this year is your year?

>> i would hope so. i really would hope so. i think i deserve it. i think blake is due for a loss. i've gotten so close to winning on a few occasions i could use a win. i would like to win.

>> this is how you trash talk.

>> yeah. cee lo , thank you so much. we'll see you tonight. you can catch the voice at 8:00, 7:00 central and tomorrow, 9:00, 8:00 central as well following the biggest loser.