TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Filmmaker secretly shot horror film at Disney World

Writer and director Randy Moore secretly shot a horror flick inside one of the happiest places on earth, Disney World, by disguising his film crew as tourists and shooting on handheld digital cameras.

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>>> horror movie getting a lot of buzz, not only for it's plot but also because of where it was shot. inside disneyworld without permission. we'll meet the director in just a moment but first, here's gabe gutierrez. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: it's known as the happiest place on earth where magical movies come to life. but this is not your typical disney experience.

>> how often do you get to sneak into the biggest theme park in the world and shoot a movie?

>> reporter: it's called escape from tomorrow.

>> did that seem normal to you?

>> what do you mean.

>> reporter: the story of a frustrated father that starts losing grip on reality during a family vacation to disneyworld.

>> we went there every morning and we waited for the park to open.

>> reporter: the writer director and his crew used hand held digital cameras to secretly shoot the scenes inside disneyland never asking for permission. a timer is counting how long it takes before the film makers get sued. disney declined to comment to nbc news.

>> they don't want to let this movie have the benefit of a fight with a big company like premiering at the sun dance film festival .

>> the better thing is that it becomes a cut film that people watch for years to come.

>> reporter: a sociit has audiences not talking about mickey but the darker side of disney .

>> randy moore is the writer and director of "escape from tomorrow." good to have you here. what did mickey mouse ever do to you?

>> well, you know, i went there religiously as a kid. i was a big fan . my father lived in orlando so i would go down there and visit him every summer and we had a great time.

>> but where did the vision come from? the idea of a horror film .

>> until i went back as an adult with my own kids and my wife went there for the first time and just had an awful experience.

>> it's a very stressful experience for a lot of families.

>> she didn't have the nostalgia to fall back on that i had and so many other people had. i remember getting upset with her at first like how could you not love this place. but then i started seeing it through her eyes.

>> so there's the vision but there's the back story that is taking over . how did you pull this off?

>> well, fortunately cameras are at disney . everyone has them. we were shooting with the same consumer cameras that other people have. we didn't do any special modifications or anything. so we just went in there like tourists and shot every day.

>> but you actually rehearsed with the actors?

>> we rehearsed in my hotel room every morning and then we would look it as best as we could. we walked the whole movie with the camera crew about nine times before we ever brought actors into the park to do it. so we were pretty meticulous about your shooting.

>> any close calls?

>> toward the end, there was a moment when they thought our crew were paparazzi and they pulled them off to the side and said are you celebrities and they said no and they said why don't have you paparazzi following you? at which point they acted like they had no idea and they took them over to this area and said wait right here. at that point, the kids, they were so smart, they said they needed to go to the bathroom and they said take your kids to the bathroom and when you're done come right back here. they went to the bathroom and removed their sound equipment and when they came back, a