TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Priceless Banksy art collection sold on Manhattan street

The elusive British street artist Banksy arranged for a small collection of his work to be sold amid Central Park vendors on a New York City street. Passersby unknowingly purchased the Banksy originals for bargain prices, some even haggling down to $60 for a work of art worth thousands.

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>> buy any over the weekend? you may regret not doing so. we told you about bank fees. the british street artist , no one knows who he is but his worth could be worth millions of dollars. instead of saturday when it went for $60. the buyers didn't know they were purchasing it.

>> the first sale took hours and that was only after the man gave a 50% discount. other buyers got a hug and a kiss with their purchases. what's not the resist. the wholesale made a total of $420 but each of these pieces is probably worth about seven times that.

>> i'm going to go out and buy all the pictures of new york city .

>> but these were signed. they said it on them too.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> i guess they didn't know they were getting an original.

>> david is in the market for one of the sketches of bieber they do.