TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Keyboard typing skills taught as young as kindergarten

The TODAY anchors throw around some “nerdy trash talk” as they brag about their typing skills in response to the newly updated American Common Core academic standards, which emphasize technology skills and suggest that children should begin learning how to use a keyboard as early as kindergarten.

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>>> is a dying art and people don't know how to do it anymore. apparently typing too. apparently there's a new push because little kids, kids growing up in this generation they know how to do the texting thing. they can swipe but they cabot text.

>> you can't type a paper on an ipad, right?

>> no, you can't. but the idea is more and more schools are introducing it earlier and earlier which is great but they're still teaching cursive as well. so i just wondered --

>> we had a keyboard.

>> yeah.

>> it has to be plugged in.

>> yeah, there's been a lot of trash talking about who is the better typist here at the table. because everybody thinks willie is; we had a competition and willie won hands down.

>> it's the nerdiest trash talk of all time.

>> oh, no.

>> but he just made it look like, yeah, i'm bad.

>> yeah, apparently they're thinking about teaching kids starting as early as kindergarten.

>> they're learning how to swipe by the time they're two.

>> if they started that early imagine how many typing contests they might win later in life.

>> i'm glad we had this.

>> yeah that worked.

>> the point i was making is do you think kids of this generation are going to grow up and not know how to type?

>> i hope not.

>> it feels like they know how to type sooner than we knew how to type.

>> i took mine in 8th