TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Thanks to ‘Thanksgivukkah,’ holiday shopping’s even crazier

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah both fall on Nov. 28 this year, creating a super-holiday some are calling “Thanksgivukkah.” The early arrival of Hannukah is prompting retailers to expedite holiday promotions, because there are six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year than last year.

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>> you thought holiday shopping was frantic before, get ready, they say this upcoming season will be busier than ever. this year's calendar leaves us with six fewer shopping days. also throwing a wrench into the system is thanksgivukkah. it's thanksgiving and hanukah.

>> it's thanksgivukkah.

>> it's weird.

>> but in this case.

>> by the way, more trivia for you. the next time we'll have thanksgivukaah, 79,000 years from now.

>> did you do that in your nerdy trash talk?