TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Give me five! Family of 6 welcomes quintuplets

The Derrico family from Las Vegas already had a lively household with four kids, but things got even wilder when mom Evonne gave birth to quintuplets in early September. She and husband Deon tell TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie having a large family is a dream come true.

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>> an already full house that just got bigger. we're going to talk to the parent of a new set of quintuplets that already have four kids under seven at home including twins. but first, kristen dahlgren with their story.

>> this house is already pretty lively, but this family is in for a whole lot more.

>> that's right. five more kids. quintuplets, born september 6th .

>> we were trying for one more, you know. you don't try for three and four at one time.

>> with the 7-year-old and 3-year-old and twin one-year-olds already at home, mom and dad were surprised to find out they were pregnant with multiples again.

>> we wanted a large family . we always said that. we just never anticipated overnight.

>> to add shock to surprise, two days after hearing they were pregnant with quadruplets, the daughter revealed it was really quintuplets.

>> oh, yeah, you're doing so good, by the way, there's the fifth baby there.

>> the couple didn't conceive using invitro fertilization making them very rare.

>> the chances of this occurring was one in a couple of million.

>> oh my gosh, are you out of your mind? five? it's like oh my gosh.

>> there's days i'm used to it, i've adjusted and then there's other days that are like what are we going to do? we have five babies we were not expecting.

>> she pent her last trimester on bedrest in arizona. she carried the babies more than 32 weeks.

>> as a mother with nine children, you often think do i have enough love for all of them and i think that's been my number one priority is to make sure i'm not -- i don't want anyone to feel neglected or unloved or distreated.

>> reporter: believe it or not, the babies have grown a lot since they were first born. the biggest now well over 4 pounds. this is dayton. she was the one no one could see on the ultrasound. she was born less than 2 pounds and now she is 3.1 and doctors say she should be going home by the end of the month. the proud new parents brought three of the five home to a very excited welcoming committee.

>> i want to enjoy this time and love all of them right now and give them everything that they need.

>> they are with us now along with their kids. guys, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> well, you look fabulous. how do you feel? your family essentially doubled overnight. how is it going?

>> it's going good. thank you so much for the compliment. it's just a blessing to be here with almost all of my children.

>> i was going to say we see three little pod there is which we are totally obsessed with those contraptions. but two of the little ones are still in the hospital but expected to come home soon.

>> that is correct. one will be next week and then the other will be in about two weeks.

>> so how is it going at home? how is this all working? where is everyone sleeping? is anyone sleeping?

>> we're all sleeping. we're all in the room. one big happy family . we're on a schedule. we have to be on a schedule. it starts now. everything is going good and we're all getting sleep and it's working out amazingly well.

>> this is amazing to have quintuplets. as we said in the piece this was not because of ivf. i know you have multiples running in your families but surely you didn't expect this.

>> you're absolutely right we did not expect this. multiples run very high in the family. my mother miscarried triplets just prior to myself. so we're not shocked to have the twins. we wouldn't have been that shocked to have had twins again but we could have never expected this.

>> do i have it right that you wanted a big family? maybe you even wanted to have nine perhaps one by one or two by two.

>> oh, yes.

>> absolutely. i wanted a large family . again, no one expects that overnight but i wanted a large family . it was just imbedded in me at birth from everyone in the family having babies, i kept their babies, so this is just a blessing from god. it really is. it's a dream come true.

>> i just caught darian over there with a yawn. what do you think about the new siblings? do you like your brothers and sisters ?

>> it's good that i have my siblings here with me. that's all i got. that's all i got.

>> that's all the questions i have for you. that's great. we're so happy for you guys and just wish you the best of luck.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you so much "today" show.

>> so much happiness nine times