TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

California toddler makes waves with surfing skills

Though he heads to the beach in a car seat, Triston Gailey, 3, has become a natural surfer, and has been hitting the waves since he learned to walk. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> expect to see a 3-year-old out there on the surfboard but he is making some serious, serious waves. with a little more on that, here is mike taibbi .

>> reporter: are you ready to surf?

>> yeah.

>> like any 3-year-old, christian gallie travels in a car seat. but what 3-year-old gets on a wet suit and heads out and does this? he likes all sports and surfing and since he was 2. one day he suddenly stood up on a surfboard and shocked his father.

>> i was stunned. couldn't believe my own eyes.

>> reporter: stunned but as a lifelong surfer himself, the st. luis obispo fireman did what his son wanted to do.

>> you want to surf today?

>> your size waves.

>> my size waves.

>> reporter: they walk down the shore and have a prayer and search time together that is priceless ander rye placeable.

>> i don't want to push him. if he is having fun with it i want him to keep on enjoying it.

>> reporter: the tourists curious may be excited about the story but todd's parents watch their son and grandson and see a bigger story.

>> you can just see the pure enjoyment and fun that is going on out there between father and son and it's just awesome.

>> reporter: as prodigies go. a kid who can think about hanging ten at age 3 might not be a match for mozart composing music at 5 but this has become an internet sensation.

>> how big are the waves?

>> very big.

>> reporter: the toddler who rides bikes and no training wheels , of course. but also can do this. for "today," mike taibbi .