TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Behind the scenes of ‘White Collar’

On USA’s hit show “White Collar,” FBI agents hunt down thieves with the help of one very charming and skilled informant. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer visited the set for a preview, just before the fifth season is to begin.

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>> i was digging for some secrets but i don't have any huge secrets to reveal. but i can tell you there will be action, there will be deception and, of course, there will always be a romance.

>> reporter: " white collar " tells the story of a cop and a con man who team up to catch criminals and form an likely friendship along the way.

>> i'll be back.

>> no.

>> matt calfry plays the fbi informant .

>> are you killing to go? let's go.

>> to me it's like a poker game . there is a friendship. they respect each other's intelligence but, at the same time, they never show each other what they have got in their hand.

>> reporter: his partner fbi agent peter burke is played by tim decay.

>> you may not make it out of this one.

>> you got two guys who are attacking the same thing. maybe in a different way. and -- but they are after the same goal.

>> reporter: willie garcon portrays neil's side kick . what do you think it is about the show that brings the characters back?

>> the characters are so great, they could work on any case, it wouldn't matter. you want to hang out with these people.

>> reporter: i actually got that chance. we're entering into the white collar division area and this is legit. i mean, this is kind of what it looks like in real life ?

>> for the most part, it is. although i have to say the fbi agents that sieve spoken to in the past have said that our offices are way cooler than theirs.

>> reporter: these are crew members on the wall here? i find that amazing.

>> the crew members are the most wanted. and i think peter dunbar's photo is the best. he truly looks like he has done something and he doesn't care.

>> reporter: we are heading into your office.

>> this was somehow photo shopped.

>> you didn't take that picture?

>> no.

>> reporter: a lot of stuff happens in here.

>> a lot does. we talk about the case. certain information comes up.

>> we got al capone on tax evasion. maybe there is a financial angle we can play deluca.

>> reporter: it's very light. j. edgar is very light. when he visited the cast was in the middle of filming season five and since last season ended with a major cliff hanger , agent burke in prison, i had to try to get the scoop on what was going to happen next. any hints you can give us what we can expect? anything different?

>> you know can't tell you nothing! i can't tell you nothing!

>> reporter: luckily, i was able to get a little bit more out of matt.

>> season five is really about this bargain, this deal with the devil that neil makes in exchange for peter's freedom but i think the story is strong this year so i'm really excited for people to check it out.

>> reporter: i am very excited about this too. you can catch the season premiere of " white collar " thursday at 9:00/8:00 central on the usa network .

>> we ask you one thing. come back and tell us what happens and no!

>> they wouldn't tell me anything.

>> did you tell them turn the cameras off and whisper in my ear?

>> did you take your reel, your tape?

>> i would be just like sitting in the couch in the background if they let