TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

9-year-old stowaway to return home

A young boy had an entire nation wondering how he finagled his way past security and a Delta gate agent on his way to Las Vegas, Nev. He is now on his way home, but his dad has said he needs help with his apparently rebellious son. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> stow-away who managed to sneak on a plane alone and flew to las vegas . he is expected back home in minneapolis today. kevin tibbles is live at the airport to tell us more about it. kevin , good morning.

>> reporter: a week after somehow getting by security and onto a plane, today, that 9-year-old stow-away is, indeed expected to be in the air again. this time, being returned to minnesota. today marks the ends of the 9-year-old stow-away's strange and dangerous odyssey to las vegas . he had an entire nation wondering how he finagled his way past tsa and a delta gate agent on his way to sin city .

>> he had to be pretty smart and in the know.

>> reporter: it wasn't long before we knew this was not his first brush with the law. not by a long shot. the list includes sneaking into a water parkt without a ticket and car theft and crashing into a police and much more but nothing compares to slipping onto a plane alone after casing the minneapolis airport the day before.

>> all of this, since 911, has been to keep us safer and it has! but still we have gaping holes and this was a perfect example of it.

>> i'm a parent. i'm not perfect.

>> reporter: his father, who wishes to be remain anonymous, says that he is at business wit's end and desperately needs help for his son.

>> he couldn't do nothing because he was a minor. i'm asking for help.

>> reporter: after police collected him at the gate in las vegas , he spent last week in foster care . now this boy will have to face the music when he lands here at the very place where his adventure began. the child is expected to be seen by child protective services upon arrival to discuss his behavior and offer counseling. lester.

>> kevin tibbles at the airport in minneapolis, thank you.