TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Beloved Obie the dachshund sheds 50 pounds

Obie, a once overweight dog, is now embarking on a cross-country tour to raise awareness about obesity in pets, and how it can be prevented. “He’s become an advocate,” said TODAY’s Craig Melvin.

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>>> he weighed 7 pounds and twice the size of a normal dog of his breed.

>> what a difference a year makes. things have changed a little bit. a little exercise too for obi. you see the before and the after. that is 50 pounds less of obi today!

>> did he have the lapband surgery?

>> no. he went on a diet.

>> he did have a little tummy tuck .

>> he hid that excess skin when he lost the weight.

>> he was so stretched and saggy. his mom tells us it was done through simple diet and exercise. so now obi is embarking on a cross-country tour to help educate people about obesity prevention for his pets.

>> he has become an advocate.

>> he has.

>> you want to treat your dog all the time. you give them a treat and more treats. we have resorted to tear rots.