TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Jodi Arias tweets she is filing for bankruptcy

Jodi Arias, in prison for the murder of her boyfriend, is back in the news. This time she is making headlines after tweeting about her financial situation. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> note. jodi arias, the woman convicted of killing her boyfriend, making 234us this morning. tweeting from prison about her financial situation. kristen dahl glenn has more.

>> guilty.

>> now jodi arias is back in the spotlight speaking out from behind bars. in two tweets from her official account, arias tried to defend herself against accusations she is making money off her crime. writing, that rumor that somehow my family profited from my trial, absurd. adding, i'm filing for bankruptcy. if i can ever afford to do so.

>> you don't need bankruptcy if you're going to be in prison the rest of your life.

>> reporter: since her conviction, arias has been selling her artwork online. something she talked about with nbc.

>> it's just one area that i feel i excelled at in my life. it's a part of me and my life and my existence.

>> reporter: unclear what she may have moved. then the sensational movie.

>> you did not just hang up on me! hello.

>> reporter: but under sam law criminals can't profit from book deals or movies so she couldn't make a cent off portraying the crime. she is convicted of killing her boyfriend adam alexander .

>> he claimed that i was a stupid idiot. he body slammed me again on the tile.

>> reporter: the jury didn't believe her and she is accused of latest attempt with manipulation with her latest tweets and they say perfectly timed before this month's hearing which could save her from the death penalty.

>> she is not very predict or credible at all. whatever she tweets we take with a grain of salt and look how could it benefit jodi arias?